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'The Ellen Show' Crew Members Break Their Silence Over Lost Wages And Lack Of Communication

As you may know by now, the traditional taping of The Ellen Show stopped in mid March.

While the show is still happening from Ellen's living room with a barebones crew, most of Ellen's longtime staff have been left in the dark about their employment and more importantly, their wages.

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Now, in an exclusive interview with "Variety" several crew member are speaking out about the mistreatment.

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Variety reports that the core stage crew for The Ellen DeGeneres Show consists of more than 30 dedicated employees.

Two sources (who spoke up under the condition of anonymity) told the publication it took "Ellen Show" producers over 30 days to give their employee's written communication about the status of their work, their pay, or to inquire about their mental and physical health.

This mistreatment is a far cry from Ellen's signature parting message to "be kind."

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Ellen's crew were told to expect 60% of their pay, despite the show still airing.

The crew was further hurt by the show’s decision to hire an outside, non-union tech company to help Ellen tape the show remotely from her home.

Only four of Ellen's core crew members are currently working on the remote version of the show.

Many of these key crew members have been with Ellen since the debut of her show over 17-years ago.

A Warner Bros. spokesperson acknowledged that communication could have been better, but explained they fell short due to complications caused by COVID-19.

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