10+ Obvious Pixar Movie Mistakes Fans Still Missed

Pixar Animation Studios completely changed the way we think about animation. They helped bring CGI into the mainstream and birthed an entirely unique and creative viewpoint.

However, no one ever said that they were perfect. Over the years, there have been a few glaring and obvious mistakes made that even fans somehow managed to miss.

Take a look and see for yourselves.

The screwed up timeline in *Monsters Inc.*


During an early scene in Monster Inc., Sully teases Mike that he's been jealous of his looks since the 4th grade.

But how does that make any sense when Monsters University doesn't show the pair meeting until their college days.

You are a (playschool) toy!

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In Toy Story 2 when the toys arrive at Al's Toy Barn, Slinky proclaims to the group that the store is closed. To which Mr. Potato Head replies "We're not preschool toys; we can read!"

The only problem with that is, Mr. Potato Head most definitely is a preschool toy.

Violet's incredible hair.

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If you pay close attention during The Incredibles, you can find several instances of Violet's hair-part moving around on her head.

It's a minor detail but definitely noticeable.

Why can't Lightning McQueen count?

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Lightning McQueen opens the film Cars by saying "one winner, forty-two losers."

However, a quick count will show that there aren't 43 cars on the track but 36.

Size doesn't matter in *Wall-E*.

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The creators of Wall-E seem to be a little off when it comes to understanding how trash compacting is supposed to work.

The object is to make the garbage smaller. Yet somehow Wall-E just seems to spit out cubes that are the exact same volume as the debris he collects.

Only female mosquitoes drink blood.

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While out looking for heroes in A Bug's Life, Flik stumbles into a bar and sits down beside an inebriated mosquito - drunk on blood.

Too bad Pixar didn't realize that only female mosquitoes drink blood.

The wrong century in *Brave*.

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During a number of scenes in Brave, you can see people gorging themselves on potatoes.

However, potatoes didn't come to The Highlands until the mid 16th century.

Jellyfish are electric: *Finding Nemo*.

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This is yet another urban myth, but it turns out that Jellyfish aren't actually electric.

As harrowing as the scene was in Finding Nemo, it was completely inaccurate.

Futuristic sirens in *UP*.

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In the opening scene of UP, when young Carl breaks his arm, you can hear an electrical siren in the distance coming to his rescue.

Electrical sirens, however, were not invented until 1965.

Why is Randall's first name on the leader board?


Take a look at the scare board from Monsters Inc.: it shows everyone's last name except Randall's.

His last name is mentioned at least once throughout the film, so this oversight should have been spotted.

Where are Mr. Potato Head's eyebrow holes?

Buena Vista

Multiple times throughout all Toy Story films, we see Mr. Potato Head lose his face. You can see the holes for his mouth, nose, and eyes.

Yet somehow, they always manage to forget about his eyebrows.

Is it the Jurassic or Triassic?


It's understandable why Pixar decided to do this in The Good Dinosaur. After all, every story needs a villain.

But sadly, Apatosaurus was already extinct for millions of years before T-Rex ever came onto the scene.

Making memories in *Inside Out*.


In Inside Out, Riley's short-term memories become long-term memories as she sleeps.

In actuality, long-term memories are processed are anything that you remember from more than a few minutes ago so, technically, the processing of long-term memories happens almost immediately.

Clownfish are genderfluid: *Finding Nemo*

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Clownfish, as it turns out, are hermaphroditic. This means that they pass from male to female at various stages throughout their lives.

When Nemo's mother was killed in the opening scene, technically his father's natural response would have been to change sexes.

Where is Woody's scar?

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Remember that horrifying torture scene from Toy Story? Sid uses a magnifying glass to burn a hole in Woody's forehead.

Yet we never see the mark in any subsequent film!

Fake Buzz's utility belt.

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Fake Buzz from Toy Story 2 is identical to Andy's Buzz, save for one new design feature: a utility belt.

Unfortunately, the animators seemed to forget this, as fake Buzz is shown both wearing and not wearing the belt multiple times.

The destiny bucket.

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In Finding Dory, when she reads the word "destiny" on the bucket, the handle is clearly attached over the "t".

When she tips it over, the handle is somehow attached to the letter "e".

Where was Russell hiding?

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Right after the house lifts off in UP, Carl gets a knock at the door and finds a terrified Russell clinging to it for dear life. Russell explains that he was chasing a Snipe and got stuck under Carl's porch.

From this shot, however, that would seem impossible.

Doc already did it.

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In Cars, Lightning McQueen is vying to be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup.

The only problem is that Doc Hudson won the cup in 1951, the first year Hudson Hornets were produced. That makes him a rookie.

Shadows never change.

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During a time-lapse scene in Monsters University, the audience watches as night becomes day.

It's too bad that the shadows on the building stay exactly the same, even as the sun rises.

Up is down and down is up.

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During the restaurant scene in Monsters Inc., Sully clearly puts the menu face down, logo side.

But when he quickly raises the menu, it's somehow flipped face up.

What happened to the Ziploc?

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In Finding Nemo, when the dentist tries to scoop Nemo from the tank, he's using a Ziploc bag.

When he finally catches him, the bag somehow has become a normal plastic bag with a tie.

Lucius' aftershave lid.

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While shaving in The Incredibles, Lucius hears a noise and runs to the window, leaving the top off his aftershave bottle.

When he returns to the desk, the top is magically back on the bottle.

No numbers needed.

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Here's a pretty glaring mistake from Ratatouille: when Skinner phones his lawyer, he actually doesn't dial any numbers at all!

Where did the guitar go?

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During this particular scene from Coco, everyone jumps in the pool, and a guitar is dropped in the water.

When everyone gets out, the guitar is nowhere to be seen.

How'd that book get there?

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When Riley is seated at her desk in Inside Out, a blue notebook is visibly sitting atop a stack of papers and books.

She gets up to give a presentation and when she sits down, the book is at the bottom.

The vanishing light switch.

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The next time you sit down to watch Toy Story, pay close attention to Andy's light switch in the opening scene.

It moves around multiple times.

The paint's all wrong!

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In Toy Story 2, when Woody is considering leaving his friends forever, he rubs the paint off his boot to reveal Andy's name.

However, the paint is clearly layered in a different direction than it was when the painter cleaned him from earlier.

What happened to Mike's hands?

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When Mike first shows Sully how he fixed Boo's door, there are no marks or bandaids on his hands.

As Sully gets closer, Mike suddenly reveals his hands are completely torn up.

Where are the dirt tracks?

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This scene from Wall-E was clearly overlooked.

When he leaves the line to follow EVE, Wall-E doesn't leave any dirt or track marks behind him. This is the only time this is not shown.