10+ Mistakes From 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2'

This is it. The culmination of several months of writing. The final installment of our “mistakes in the Harry Potter series” articles.

For those of you who have stuck with us since the beginning, I applaud you and hope we haven’t ruined the movies too much for you

1. Snape's Memories


This is probably the biggest plot hole mistake in the whole movie, so stay with us here.

At one point, Snape has a memory of Lily telling her baby (Harry) to "be safe, be strong".

See the issue here?


Snape didn't come in until after Lily was dead, so he shouldn't have that memory. Unless he was peeping on them before Voldemort came in...

If so, weird.

2. Lily's Death


Speaking of Lily Potter getting killed, when she initially gets killed by Voldemort she's wearing a sweater with a high neck, long sleeves and it's red.

However, when Snape comes in she's in a blue blouse.

3. Where Are They Running?


After the scene where Harry/McGonagall and Snape in the Great Hall, Harry runs up to the Ravenclaw tower against a sea of kids.

However, all of them were in the great hall so wouldn't they be running the same direction as Harry?

4. The Invisibility Cloak


Up until this movie, the invisibility cloak has always been seen before it is put on.

However, in the scene Diagon Alley, Ron pulls an already invisible cloak around him.

How did it do that?

5. Cameraman During The Duel


In the main duel between Harry and Voldemort in the courtyard, for one second, just one second after the overhead shot, you can see a cameraman in the darkness.

Just for a second, though.

6. Harry's Growing Up


In the scene where Harry goes to Hogsmeade and meets up with Aberforth Dumbledore, his stubble appears for one second in the shot.

In the next, it's gone once again.

7. Harry's Fringe


There's a moment where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are in the Room of Requirement talking with Ginny and Neville. During that moment, Harry's fringe changes in between shots.

Stop being so fussy with your hair, Harry!

8. Lily's Eyes


There are some more inconsistencies with Snape's flashbacks. For one, in his flashbacks when Lily is a child, she has brown/black eyes.

When she's an adult, she has blue eyes.

Snape apparently has trouble remembering.

9. The Wrong Station


In the final scene (the 19 years later scene) there's an aerial shot of King's Station.

Except it's not King's Station, it's St. Pancras station. Which apparently, is across the road.

10. The Cushion Moves


In the scene where the trio has taken Griphook to Shell Cottage, you can see that the pillow behind him keeps on switching positions.

Like, it's constantly moving. In a sort of unnatural way.

11. Snape's Memories (Again).


There's a scene where young Lily and young Snape are lying in the grass (one of Snape's great memories).

However, the distance between them and their positions keep changing from shot to shot.

12. Which Platform?


After Snape has redirected Professor McGonagall's spell to Alecto Carrow, she lands on the lower platform.

However, in the next shot, he's seen on the second platform next to her brother.

13. How Is She Hugging?


In the scene where Hermione hugs her daughter Rose, the hug starts with Rose's hand on her mother's back.

In literally the next shot, her hand has moved from Hermione's back to Hermione's arm.