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Throwback Pics Of '90 Day Fiancé' Star Ed Brown Are Going Viral

It seems the rest of the world is finally giving TLC's greatest accomplishment, 90 Day Fiancé, the respect it deserves!

It's about TIME y'all caught up!

The most notable "90 Day" star is 54-year-old Ed Brown, also known as "Big Ed."

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No one has hit mainstream media quite like Big Ed.

Ed has gained popularity after appearing on the show to meet his long distance girlfriend from the Philippines, 23-year-old Rosemarie.

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The two met on Facebook and began dating shortly after.

Clips of the couple have been spreading on social media.

Mainly because of how INSANELY cringey they are, lol.

You might have seen this clip, where Ed asks Rosemarie to shave her legs!

"I don't like leg hair. It's gross," Ed remarks.

Ed has also faced backlash for critiquing Rosemarie's living situation in the Philippines.

There is a lot of complaining coming from Ed.

Last episode, Ed went to visit Rosemarie's family and spend the night in their home.

He announced the next morning he would be going to a hotel for the remainder of his trip.

Maybe it was the shower Ed took with Rosemarie's dad?

Literally the most iconic moment in TLC history if you ask me!

Naturally, due to Ed's rise in popularity, internet sleuths have done some digging and found old pictures of the reality star.

We love to see it!

Ed's model shots from the '80s are really something special!

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Banquet hall server realness.

Ed is serving Calvin Klein model REALNESS in this pic:

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This would have been TOP NOTCH Instagram content 30 years ago.

I mean hey, everyone ages after 30+ years, amirite?!

Well, everyone besides Jennifer Lopez.


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