Redbubble | Ellen van Deelen

Viral Pics Of Rats Cuddling Teddy Bears Prove That Even Rodents Deserve A 'D'aww'

Rats have a bad reputation. In some cases, yes, they're kind of gross. No one really wants to touch a rat found digging through week-old garbage.

However, rats raised as pets are kept clean and comfortable and are totally adorable.

And if you give those pet rats teeny tiny teddy bears? *Cuteness overload!*

Redbubble | Ellen van Deelen

These particular photos have been circling around the internet for more than a decade. Every now and then they pop up again when people need a moment of pure cuteness in their lives.

The photos themselves are by Ellen van Deelen.

Redbubble | Ellen van Deelen

Her photos featuring rats Moppy, Witje, and Rosie are all uploaded to her Redbubble shop, where she's been selling products printed with the cute photos since 2007.

The teddy bears are definitely the cutest prop, but they aren't the only ones.

Redbubble | Ellen van Deelen

I also enjoy all the photos of the rats "playing" tiny musical instruments.

Though the images are going viral again right now, Ellen herself remains a bit of a mystery. Many outlets have attempted to contact her for more info, but without any luck.

So for now, we'll just have to appreciate her work for what it is: adorable.