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Catherine O'Hara Switched Between Herself And Moira Rose For 36 Minutes On Instagram

Catherine O'Hara is a treasure. A gem. A cornerstone in Hollywood.

Coincidentally, the show Catherine has been starring on for six years, Schitt's Creek could be described in the same way.

As you may know, "Schitt's Creek" is ending on Tuesday, April 7th, aka the saddest day in TV history.

To commemorate the departure of Catherine's beloved character Moira Rose, the 66-year-old took to Instagram live to relieve some classic Moira Rose glory.

The Canadian sweetheart spent her ENTIRE 36-minute Insta video switching in and out of character while teaching viewers how to "Moira-ize" their vernacular.

See what I just did there?????

"Trying to go back and forth between a half-[expletive] Moira and a half-[expletive] me isn't quite working, is it?" Catherine joked.

She taught us words like "cunctator" (a procrastinator) and "crapulous" (foul-mouthed) among others.


Instagram | @schittscreek

She gave us the best of both worlds, truly.

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