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Neighbours Put Cutouts Of Cher And Céline Dion In Their Windows To Keep Each Other Company

The news is filled with sweet stories of people practicing social distancing without totally sacrificing the social aspect.

During these trying times, there are few divas who can bring us peace.

However the two powerhouse C's are absolutely among the select peace bearing divas.

Céline and Cher!!!!!!!

In my fav story of the week, Twitter user Tim Anderson shared a picture of the Céline Dion cutout he made:

Twitter | @timjhanderson

Now WHY, EXACTLY did Tim do this?!

Well, he did it to keep a neighbour's Cher cutout company!

Twitter | @timjhanderson

I know, right? I'm crying too.

Céline is now gracing the same street as Cher, bringing her signature French-Canadian glamour to her fans.

Twitter | @timjhanderson

I'm totally gonna try to do something like this!!!!

Thank you Tim Anderson and unidentified neighbour in the building over the road.


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