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Chris Hemsworth Is Doing Guided Meditations For Kids To Help Them Cope With Stress Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Chris Hemsworth is a gorgeous, physically fit angel. He also is Australian, which means his voice sounds like butter to the ears.

We already *know* that Chris Hemsworth is an amazing actor and husband.

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

But did you know he's also a father of THREE?!

Chris and wife Elsa Pataky have been staying home with their three kids and needless to say, they're in need of some peace and quiet!

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

Which is why Chris took to his Instagram to announce his wellness app Centr would be offering guided meditations, lead by the actor himself!

"If you’re like me and have the kids home full time and you’re having to play nanny, teacher, parent, dance coach, clown, etc etc and slowly pulling your hair out, you may find some value in this," Chris wrote on Insta.

"From next week @centrfit will be launching kids meditations and visualisations narrated by myself and @taikawaititi."

Is it for adults, too? Cause I WILL be signing up!

To learn more about the meditation offered through Centr, click here!