Carole From 'Tiger King' Disappointed In How Series Portrayed Her: 'Salacious And Sensational'

If you've seen Tiger King — which naturally, I assume you have — then you probably recall learning about the unsolved disappearance of Carole Baskin's late husband, and the allegations suggesting that she murdered him and fed him to her tigers.

Unsurprisingly, Carole was not impressed with the brush she was painted with in the series, calling it "salacious" and "sensational".

It seems like the only thing getting us through these tough times has been the work of a completely unstable, gun-toting, mullet-sporting, drug-addicted YouTuber/fake musician/zoo keeper who goes by the name Joe Exotic.

I can't stress this enough. The world is going through a really hard time right now.

The documentary, 'Tiger King' has swept the nation, conveniently, right when we're all stuck at home consuming, literally, anything and everything on Netflix.


Even if you had no intention of ever watching a documentary about a possibly-insane Oklahoma zoo-keeper, you probably watched it anyway.

And I'm betting it was eight cruel, appauling, stressful, deeply concerning and confusing hours of your life that you will never get back.

But it was worth it just to understand virtually every meme circulating the web rn.

Surely, you remember "that [expletive], Carole baskin," – as Joe referred to her about a million times.

A huge segment of the series was dedicated to digging into the unsolved disappearance of Carole's ex-husband, Don Lewis, in 1997.

The show revealed that Carole and her then-husband didn't exactly see eye-to-eye.


Leading up to his disappearance, Don allegedly tried to file a restraining order against her, claiming she had threatened to kill him. However, the restraining order was denied.

Then, coincidentally, right before he was supposed to leave for Costa Rica, he vanished.

Although his body was never recovered, it was speculated that there was foul play involved.

Many indicators, however, pointed toward Carole being a person of interest.

The documentary also revealed that Carole was quick to alter Don's will in her favor, leaving his children with just a fraction of his estate.

The producers of Tiger King did not hold back.

While Joe was obviously painted as a villain, so was Carole.

The Internet seems to be in agreement that Carole killed Don and fed him to a tiger.

I mean, she did say: “If someone wanted to have a cat eat you they’d pour sardine oil on you.”

Seems a bit suspicious that she would know that...

Anyway, Carole has come forward with her initial thoughts on the series, and understandably, she is not a fan.

Twitter | @drnimrod

In a statement, she explained that the producers of the show reached out to her five years ago.

She thought that the series would "expose the misery caused by the rampant breeding of big cat cubs for exploitation."


But instead, they exposed something else. Something that, perhaps, she wanted to stay burried for another 23 years? (Food for thought).

In fact, "Tiger King" has generated so much buzz over Don's disappearance/possible murder, that the Florida sheriff has actually reached out on Twitter, looking for new leads.


"Since @netflix and #Covid19 #Quarantine has made #TigerKing all the rage, I figured it was a good time to ask for new leads," he tweeted.

"There are no words for how disappointing it is," Carole's statement reads.


"To see that the series not only does not do any of that, but has instead chosen to be as salacious and sensational as possible to draw in viewers."

"As part of that, they devoted an entire segment to 23-year-old lies and innuendos suggesting I was involved in my husband Don's 1997 disappearance," she added.

Twitter | @BigCatRescue

She wrapped up her statement by announcing that she will not be using her social platforms to bring any attention to Netflix and "their unethical practices".

She also accused Netflix of relying on information provided by sources that are clearly bias.

"Especially when so many of their so-called inside sources have been clearly shown to be heavily biased," she concluded.

What do you think of Carole Baskin's reaction to Netflix's "Tiger King" series?

Do you think she had something to do with Don Lewis' disappearance back in 1997?

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