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'Tiger King' Podcast Host Believes Margot Robbie Should Play Joe Exotic In Upcoming Miniseries

If you're like the rest of the world, you too have been binge watching Tiger King on Netflix.

The 7-part series follows the interesting and complicated world of exotic animal ownership.

The cast is full of colorful characters, the most notable being Florida zookeeper, Joe Exotic.


Let's just say, the series is a WILD ride from start to finish.

Now, a miniseries is set to begin production and suggestions have been whirling around as to who will play the role of Mr. Exotic.

Host of the Joe Exotic: Tiger King podcast Robert Moor believes BEAUTY QUEEN Margot Robbie would make the perfect Joe.

"I'm involved [with the miniseries], we've been taking over a lot of names," Robert revealed while chatting on Andy Cohen's SiriusXM show on Monday.

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"... Sam Rockwell was one of the names that came up a lot. This is to play Joe Exotic, of course, my preferred casting -- and this is a bit off-the-wall -- would be Margot Robbie," he exclaimed.

Robert believes Margot could play Joe in a "gender-switched" role.

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"Just look at her eyes, that's the thing. If you look at her eyes, she has these eyes that are just like Joe’s. … I think she would do a great job with it."

What do you think? Would goddess Margot make a good Joe Exotic?

Let us know in the comments below!

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