Getty Images | Edward Berthelot

Céline Dion Celebrates Her 52nd Birthday

It feels as though Queen Céline Dion has been in our lives for as long as we can remember. It's hard to believe that she's only just celebrating her 52nd birthday!

There are a million different reasons to adore Céline.

If her catalog of ICONIC songs isn't the soundtrack to your life, it really, REALLY should be.

And if her music just isn't your thing, she's bound to keep you entertained with her variety of fashion choices.

Your fave's closet could never!

Remember when everyone thought these Christmas boots looked like chickens?

An iconic pop culture moment!

She is the ultimate athletic supporter!

A noble queen who knows how to RESPECT ALL CRAFTS!

She's also the owner of a VERY stylish children's gender neutral clothing line!


Céline is the epitome of professionalism and class in the music industry.

Every young artist should take notes!


Her Carpool Karaoke episode was the stuff of LEGENDS!

And now, I leave you with ONE WORD: Titanic.

Thank you for all you've given us, Céline, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!