Hairstylist Creates Custom Hair Colors Inspired By Nature's Beauty

Hair dye has come a long way since it was first used by the ancient Egyptians to hide their gray strands. Now there are so many interesting hair color trends that it's no surprise some stylists are taking things to a whole new level.

That's exactly what Kansas-based hairstylist Ursula Goff does for her clients. She draws inspiration for her color hues from some unusual places like nature, for example.

Her favorite source of inspiration for creating her color combinations come from nature.

Instagram | @uggoff

Just like these beautiful colors of fall leaves that you see here.

Or, take this gorgeous flower that comes in the most mesmerizing purple hue I've ever seen.

She translates the look of the flower into a stunning hair color flawlessly.

Ursula would actually use pictures of anything that comes from nature to recreate the exact hue with her dye color palette.

Instagram | @uggoff

This geode-inspired look is gorgeous!

She often gets inspired by things like volcanoes, starry nights, pearls, oceans, butterflies, and even flames to create her unusual color schemes.

It's pretty evident she's really talented at it.

This is the hue I was looking for when I decided to dye my hair auburn.

I wish I was able to get Ursula to create this color for me.

What makes her color work special is that she approaches hair color like she would a painting.

Sometimes her color process can take up to six hours to accomplish.

Ursula's career spans over 18 years but it's only been a few years since she's been creating her own color combinations.

I think her work can only evolve from here.

She confesses that she has a ton of photos she can use to find inspiration.

But she also enjoys collaborating on the final hue combination with her clients.

Working on a color with her clients actually forces her out of her comfort zone.

Because she takes this work more like a challenge than anything. The results show it.

Usually, Ursula works with a lot of regular clients who are asking for a color change.

This process can be a lot more time-consuming and challenging for sure.

Can you imagine showing Ursula a picture of a sunflower and telling her that this is the look you're going for?

And then she comes up with something like this? Incredible!

Ursula actually attended two-quarters of art school as a fashion major but dropped out.

Instagram | @uggoff

She even started teaching private art lessons and doing commissioned artwork at the age of 14.

She ended up going to cosmetology school but she missed doing art.

So she started experimenting with hair color and ended up falling in love with the process.

It's pretty evident to me that Ursula found her calling.

And now her clients can fully experience the beautiful and imaginative creativity of what she does with hair color.