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The Backstreet Boys Are Playing A "Living Room Concert" For Fans This Weekend

The Backstreet Boys will be giving fans a treat next week with a gorgeous "living room concert" that will be sure to rock your body right!

Ever since people have been advised to social distance, celebrities have been coming up with creative ways to keep the fans entertained.

Garth Brooks held a Facebook live concert that nearly broke the internet.

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No, for real, Facebook crashed several times throughout the performance. THAT'S how many fans tuned in to watch.

Chris Hemsworth is offering free online workout classes.

And suddenly I am a gym rat who wants to do nothing but exercise? Weird.

And with everything happening, it's safe to say that we could all use a little '90s nostalgia these days, eh?

Nothing says comfort like the '90s, baby!

What better way to scratch the ITCH of nostalgia than with a little BACKSTREET BOYS?!

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Well, we're in luck! The BSB are holding a living room concert this SUNDAY!

The concert is part of a larger iHeartRadio fundraiser for communities affected by COVID-19.

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Tune in this Sunday, March 29th at 9 PM EST!