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Kendall Jenner Dragged By Italian Influencer For Spreading Misinformation About Coronavirus

Italian influencer, Chiara Ferragni, is not impressed with Kendall Jenner's take on COVID-19.

She fired back at Kendall on Instagram for downplaying the severity of the virus and the threat it poses, globally, – calling it "mild".

As the pandemic, COVID-19, continues to spread across the globe, causing deaths, panic, and a major shortage of toilet paper, Italian Influencer, Chiara Ferragni, dragged Kendall Jenner on Instagram for misinforming her followers.

By now, everybody should know that the coronavirus is not something to be taken lightly.

It is causing worldwide panic as people try to stock up on the essentials, preparing to socially distance themselves until further notice.

Gyms, bars, restaurants, and shopping centers are shutting down, sporting leagues are suspending their seasons, festivals and concerts are being postponed, and travel bans are being implemented.

Everyone is being encouraged to simply stay inside — all in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, Italy was hit quite hard with the virus, and it has been suggested that they are about 10 days ahead of us.

Italy has the world’s second-highest number of coronavirus cases after China.

Ergo, without the necessary preparations, North America's future 10 days from now does not look pretty.

Worldwide, the deaths caused by the virus have surpassed 6500.

Despite the severity of the issue, however, there are some people that aren't overly concerned about it.

Reality TV star, Kendall Jenner, took to Instagram to share information about the virus, taken from a site called: Information Is Beautiful.

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The graphic implied that “the majority of cases are mild” and “the bulk of people recover.”

In an effort to explain the bigger picture and not allow Kendall's post to leave anybody misinformed, Chiara shared a series of videos to her Instagram story.

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“We have some bad news to report from Italy,” she said.

“Since yesterday, we have 2,600 more cases and the situation is really getting out of control".

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"Because there are so many complications connected to this disease, especially breathing problems," she continued.

She explained that on “most days, especially from foreigners,” she reads “so many bad comments and so many jokes about coronavirus".

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"‘It’s just a [expletive] flu.’ And guys, I can assure you, it’s not just a [expletive] flu.”

"It might be for some people, but for so many others, it gives so many complications," she went on.

"If so many people get sick at the same time, like it’s happening in Italy, the hospital will collapse".

"Because we don’t have enough intensive care units and breathing machines to help everybody."

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"Even young people that have complications," she added.

She then called out Kendall more specifically, urging her not to use her platform of more than 100 million followers to spread the wrong message.

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“It’s so important to spread the right messages right away and raise awareness," she said.

"So, people that have such a huge voice like Kendall Jenner, please don’t underestimate the problem... Please say what is right,” she said.

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“From a huge voice, comes a huge responsibility. I’m trying my best to help my country and do what’s right for the people because I feel it’s my responsibility."

Chiara and her husband have personally donated 100,000 euros to the cause.

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The fundraiser is “aimed at creating new hospital beds in the intensive care area of Milan’s San Raffaele hospital,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

"Please do the same,” she added.


As of yet, Kendall has not commented on Chiara's Instagram rant. But hopefully, she got the message loud and clear!