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Jana Kramer Defends Decision To Travel With Family Amidst Coronavirus: 'If I Don’t Show Up, I Could Get Sued'

Jana Kramer is facing backlash after flying her family to Canada amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

With the World Health Organization announcing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as a global pandemic, people are growing more and more cautious of travelling during these unpredictable times.

Proper protocol needs to be followed in regards to hand washing and social distancing.

The growing concern did not stop Jana Kramer from taking her family on a flight to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to film a movie.

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"Canada bound tomorrow for almost a month to film a movie. And the whole fam is coming with.....what are good things to do with the kids in Ottawa and Quebec City?!?!?" she wrote.

"Also I’m aware people are saying stay inside and not leave but I have to film and do my job and I just got off the phone with my producer that everything is a go for now," she clarified.

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The comments were filled with concerned fans.

"Not sure it’s a good idea to even be going, starting in April they will we doing a 4 week quarantine just like the one in Italy so you won’t be able to get back home if you leave..." wrote one fan.

"I get why you're going but WHY RISK YOUR KIDS AND HUSBANDS SAFETY!! That seems go and they stay and be safe. Wouldnt any mom think this is just a no brainer?" wrote another.

The next day, Jana defended her decision.

"Okay I’m not gonna lie the past 48 hours I’ve been a bundle of nerves and anxiety as panic spreads. As we follow guidelines and quarantine here in Canada my anxiety is through the roof but as I layed in bed last night literally having an anxiety attack I woke up this morning choosing not to go straight to the news but instead do what I can. Which is stay in, wash hands and protect the babies and let them have fun by building forts and playing together as a family! Fear is going to hurt more of us....or so my therapist says. Love all of you. Stay safe and wash those hands!!!! How are y’all dealing with any anxious thoughts?"

Fans were still not happy with Jana's decision.

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"You put that on yourself. Sorry but so many people warned you so don't play victim," read one comment.

The One Tree Hill alum took to her Instagram stories to defend her decision.

"For all the hate that I’m getting right now on my feed post about leaving, No. 1, I’m not just, like, going on vacation. I’m going to film a movie. I understand other productions have shut down, but where I’m going, apparently, there’s no cases. Everything’s fine,” she explained.

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"I also know if I don’t show up, I could get sued... Right now I’m healthy and my family’s healthy."

To find out more about protecting yourself and those around you from COVID-19, please click here.