18+ Tweets That Hit Just Right

The Twitterverse is a strange place. Between accounts which simply "bong" out the hour every hour and parody accounts for God, it really is one of the more unusual social media platforms.

However, there is one thing that Twitter is always awash with, and that is people complaining! And, as a British person, I love complaining, so here are 18+ tweets that hit just right.

And Breaaathe...

Twitter | Kristen_Arnett

Which one is your favorite? Let me know which one is your favorite below, mine is top right.

Sibling Goals

Twitter | natfos

Everyone should have someone in their life doing as much PR work for them as this person's little sister!

It's Killing Meeee!

Twitter | todd_j_cooper

Coming out of my quarantine, and I've been doing just fine, gotta get to the shops, because I want all the rolls! It started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this?

Fight Fight Fight!

Twitter | CarmenLagala

Nothing screams quarantine like smushing your body against other sick people in a desperate attempt to overbuy toilet rolls.

Microwave Complex

Twitter | S_M_Phoenix

This one hits a little bit too well. Well, fortunately, I love microwaveable meals... that's a positive, I guess?

Basic Life Skills

Twitter | ConstantlyGus

It is alarming to think about how many people haven't been washing their hands up to now. Are people really just walking out of bathrooms with dirty hands?

Come On Mom!

Twitter | Fleurdelea90

As a kid I always thought that adults had their act together, but now I am an adult I feel that all kids can tell by looking at me that I do not have my s**t together!

Chatting With A Murderer

Twitter | BensHoops

This person's dad was unknowingly leading an incredibly dangerous life! It's one hell of a claim to fame though.

Torn Apart By Oreos

Twitter | Reagantrose

Now, as a British person, I have never heard anyone call Oreos this, but I would like to apologize on behalf of our nation for any offence caused.

The Bat Soup Wars

Twitter | GeographyNow

Do not try and understand the great target toilet paper wars, we simply look back on them and pray for them to never return.

Self-Belief Is Key

Twitter | ShelbyDodson666

I can think of a few more depressing things that buying dinner at 711, buying dinner at Burger King for one.

*Angry Honking*

Twitter | HenpeckedHal

It always fascinates me how fast taxi drivers and businessmen will start mashing the horn once a light turns to green.

Down With The Sickness

Twitter | quentquarantino

Yeah Eminem, that sounds like you might have some kind of illness, I'd get that checked out or at least self-isolate.

The Real Heroes

Twitter | SlogaDev

I think that anyone could have predicted this, literally anyone.

Ah, The Good Old Days!

Twitter | thetigersez

At this point in life it is just easier to accept that all of your fun years are in the past.

The Circle Completes Itself

Twitter | lizbeth_ellen

Karma is a bitch! I wonder if their parents secretly knew about this and did it to teach them a lesson?

Stingebag Criminals

Twitter | Stremlau5

That's not even 10%! What kind of monster doesn't even tip 10% when it's not even their money? Lock them up!

How To Give Someone A Heart Attack 101

Twitter | princess_labia

Why would you ever phrase this like that? This is needlessly convoluted!

Pyramid Schemes

Twitter | katiehannigan

I wonder how many more people applied for Egyptology courses after the release of the first Brendan Fraser Mummy film?

The Bachelor Crisis

Twitter | betchesluvthis

I have never seen a full episode of the bachelor, and I am quite happy not having completed an episode. Life is too short to fill my brain with that kind of toxicity.