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Add A Whole New Dimension To Your Style With Holographic Rainbow Hair

Holographic hair? Honestly, it's about time. After the mermaid hair, unicorn hair, and peacock hair trends, there was only one place left to go.

The process for holo hair is intense — it involves a lot of hand painting on behalf of your hair stylist, so make sure to tip 'em well! Now, let's get some ideas before you hit the salon.

Meet holo hair.

The key to holo hair is controlling how your eye takes the color in. The holo can't be all over the hair — it has to be on a gentle slope, and it has to fade out.

Take a look at the painting process.

On Instagram, @nasty__andreeva recorded a timelapse of just how much work goes into holo hair. Each color must be mixed, then individually painted onto the sections of hair.

This process must take a long time.

This holo hair mimics a shaft of light.

How cool is this? It looks like hair that was photographed through a prism. The way that it jumps up and down is really unique. And that crystal crown? Icing on the cake.

Not all holo hair has to be on pastel or silver hair.

You can totally see how great it looks on darker hair, too! The key really is to make sure the outer colors blend into the rest of the hair.

This holo hair actually reaches up to the bangs, too!

Purple is super popular for holo hair.

The brightness of the green really stands out against such a vibrant purple. I have to stan.

This particular style is total proof that you can do holo hair with bright neons.

Okay, back to pastels for a sec.

You have to see this subtle holo hair layered underneath platinum silver.

While most holo hair is concentrated in a single ray, this particular stylist went for an all-over dye. And it still works, thanks to the glossiness of the silver!

Holo roots? Holo roots.

Guys, those roots are nothing short of iconic. The platinum just blends so beautifully into each ray of color.

On Instagram, @fabhairbyjosh is responsible for this actual work of art.

Surprise holo!

If you're not sure if holo hair is for you, experiment with keeping it on the DL.

Flip your hair upside down to show people that you're funky, but you're still chill in the workplace.

Hello, vibrancy!

Hairstylist @fabhairbyjosh strikes again, but this time he went with a turquoise vibe.

Color this vibrant will fade fast, so make sure to wash your hair as little as you can get away with. I mean, don't be gross about it, but definitely make friends with some dry shampoo.

This client wanted a more muted holo look.

It was a challenge for @sanitystylist, but she totally pulled it off. She said that her definition of holo hair involves chunkier, pixelated pieces, but she wanted to put her own spin on it!

These curls are UNBELIEVABLE.

It's Josh back at it again with the killer holo. He decided to do the holo in specific chunks that would look best curled, and I am living for it.

Remember that pixelated vibe we were talking about?

This is a great example of it. The holo "light" graduates down in some very skillful chunks, which ends up looking like pixels.

This look is so cool, and so neon!

It works on short hair, too.

Guys, I think I might be obsessed with Josh now. He pulled off holo hair with short hair! How did he even do that? It even looks great outside of his studio lighting, which is how you know that hair is genuine art.

This is the true showstopper.

You have to click play to see it in action. The hairstylist layered the holo colors underneath the purple, but they were diluted down to blend in beautifully. This is truly otherworldly hair, and I want it.

Dude holo hair!

Holo hair! On a dude! I am so happy right now. This subtle holo look (I say subtle, it's literally holographic) is great for men who don't want to commit to a full holo — just the tips.

Finally, holo hair on some regular hair!

You have to see this holo in action. On Instagram, @dreamsofdanger did a holo look on his client's dark brown hair. No blonde, no silver, and no purple — just regular ol' brown hair. And it totally worked!

This GENUINELY looks like a ray of light.

Frickin' Josh strikes again! He truly is the king of holo. Someone tell Simply Nailogical on YouTube that Josh is coming for her crown.

The way the light hits the holo is just breathtaking. I can't believe this is someone's hair!

Let's not pretend this isn't a Josh stan article now.

I mean, how can you not lose your mind over those roots? I love that he chose to do the roots, the front pieces of hair, and some of the ends. In the holo hair trend, that is something totally new.

There is no missing this holo.

I mean, it's just right there. Josh calls this the "candy swirl," and you can totally see why. It's bold, it's out there, it's pixelated, and it's still somehow holo!

Shake things up with some holo bangs.

If you aren't sure if you want to commit to a whole head of holo hair, consider this: bangs. Josh went for a more pastel-y holo look here. And it'll fade beautifully, too!