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Twitter Is Dragging Kim Kardashian For 'Refusing' To Be White After Putting Body Make-Up On Her Hands

Fans are dragging Kim Kardashian for applying body makeup on her hands in an effort to look more tan.

As we all know by now, Kimmy K likes a tan.

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She also likes her Kim Kardashian West Beauty body makeup.

Last summer, she showed fans the difference the makeup made on her 83-year-old grandmother.

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The difference was shocking, and it's pretty obvious that the makeup is *really* good.

But when Kim posted a before and after pics of her own hands with the KKW Beauty body makeup, people weren't as impressed.

Instagram | @kimkardashian

"@kkwbeauty Body Make Up is perfect for hands bc my hands are always pale & our formula is waterproof so you can wash your hands! We used color Light/Medium.

They couldn't help but notice the stark contrast in color between the two hands.

"kim kardashian has done so much to make women feel bad about their bodies from the start.....& now their HANDS? &literally turning your HANDS a SHADE darker because ur white..." wrote on Twitter user.

"Dear @KimKardashian, your hands are always pale because you’re white. It’s ok to be yourself," wrote another.

"If your hands aren't pale you should be worried."

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