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Taco Headbands Are The New Hair Accessory Quickly Replacing Bows

Will the taco craze ever end? If these headbands are any indication, the answer is no and I'm totally on board with that. Why should tacos only be limited to Tuesdays, and frankly, why should they be only limited to our plates?

From this day forth, let's celebrate tacos every day! These headbands and hair accessories are a great place to start.

Tacos: you love them, I love them — everyone loves them.

If there was ever a competition for the perfect food, I think tacos would win, hands down. As I always say, it's hard to be in a bad mood with a belly full of tacos.

Now you can show your love for all things taco-related with these adorable hair accessories.

Etsy | CatshyCrafts

Etsy store CatshyCrafts handmakes taco headbands from felt. If you have a little one or are searching for a baby shower gift, these headbands would be great for a taco-inspired baby photoshoot.

CatshyCrafts also makes hair clips with the felt taco design.

Etsy | CatshyCrafts

These will clip securely to hair for anyone who has struggled with keeping a headband on their head (like me). The headband and the clips both retail for $18.00 each.

Move over, bows. There's a new hair accessory in town.

Tacos have already won over our bellies and hearts, and they're quickly on their way to winning our wardrobes, too. I am going to order these so they're here in time for my next fiesta.