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Miley Cyrus Jokes About Wardrobe Malfunction By Posting Nip Slip On Instagram

After falling victim to a nip slip during New York Fashion Week, Miley Cyrus handled it like a pro.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, she owned it by posting it, herself, on Instagram.

Miley Cyrus has possibly the most boss Instagram out there.

She's always posting pics that make us wish we had her kind of energy.

And recently, it seems that she added one more picture that brings her one step closer to the boss b-word hall of fame.

Miley, you're already a first-ballot hall of Famer. You know that.

Miley Cyrus took back the power from the paparazzi by posting a photo of her own wardrobe malfunction on Instagram.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Tbh, this is probably the best solution to a photographed nip slip.

After rocking the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week runway show, Miley was photographed stepping out on the town in black pants, red heels, and a black and white halter top.

While her top was fashionable as hell, it wasn't exactly practical...

And since it was the kind of top that she couldn't wear a bra with, one wrong move left her a victim of the dreaded nip slip.

But, of course, Miley isn't the first celeb to accidentally flash the paparazzi, and she certainly won't be the last.

Take Gigi Hadid, for instance.

In February 2016, Gigi suffered a major nip-slip (and by major nip-slip I mean, her entire breast came out of the top of her dress) walking the runway in a black, slinky, cowl-neck Versace dress.

But like a professional, she kept her composure the entire time. Donatella Versace, herself, even high-fived Gigi for keeping her cool.

It has also happened to Chrissy Teigen.

Speaking of going commando, Chrissy had a very similar situation on a different red carpet.

The dangerously high-cut slit in her dress moved slightly to the side, revealing a part of her body that I'm sure she didn't mean to have photographed by the paparazzi.

And Cardi B.

During Cardi's 2017 VMA performance, her dress slipped down — nearly exposing her left boob.

But she caught it just in time and continued to perform — boob in hand.

Even Katherine Heigl! While Katherine was on stage accepting an award at ShoWest, the strap of her dress unexpectedly came undone.


She laughed it off and had Billy Bush stand behind her, holding it in place so that she could finish her speech without accidentally flashing the audience.

And Nicki Minaj.

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While Nicki was performing her hit song "Superbass" on live television, jumping up and down for the better part of the song, she looked down and realized that both of her boobs had completely fallen out of her top.

She laughed at herself, adjusted her top, and carried on like nothing happened.

And finally, with Kourtney Kardashian.

After Kourtney realized that she accidentally flashed her crotch to the camera in this photo, instead of re-taking the photo, she simply slapped a heart emoji to censor herself, and posted it anyway.

Anyway, after Miley's nip slip surfaced the internet, she decided to post it to her own Instagram.

If everybody was gonna see her nipple, it's best that she made it by her own choice.

She posted three photos from that night in one post, the third photo being the most revealing — so to speak.

"Swipe right . But hurry. Instagram will definitely be removing this post soon," she captioned the post.

Instagram has not deleted Miley's post as of yet.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

But in the meantime, fans have been flooding her comment section, praising her for being so bold and brave.

This fan wrote what the rest of us were thinking, lowkey!

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Miley has never let societal rules hold her back and she has always advocated for self-love and body positivity. It hardly comes as a surprise that she did this, but either way, it's ICONIC.

Others were proud of her for freeing the nipple.

Instagram | @mileycyrus

There is a lot to be said about Instagram's community guidelines for women, specifically. Good for Miley for challenging them!

Let us know what you think of Miley Cyrus posting her own nip slip on Instagram in the comments below!

It was a major power move, IMO.