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Fans React After Kourtney Kardashian Appears Naked In Instagram Post With Son

Kourtney Kardashian just can't catch a break.

Just a week after she was mommy (and dog-shamed) for gifting her kids a dog for Christmas, the mom of three has come under fire again.

This time, for appearing nude in an image with her son.

When it comes to documenting life with her kids online, Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to kontroversy.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and mother of three is currently under fire for appearing naked in an Instagram post with her five-year-old son, Reign.

This new drama comes just a week after Kourtney was criticized for giving her children a puppy for Christmas.

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Fans were mainly concerned over what had happened to the family's other dog, a Pomeranian named Honey.

For example, one user wrote, “But do they still have her Pomeranian? Or do they just get rid of dogs for new ones.”

This inquiry isn't all that surprising considering the family doesn't exactly have the best track record when it comes to keeping pets.

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For example, Kourtney gave away the expensive Bengal kitten when she gave birth to Reign and Kendall gave away her Great Dane puppy since it was pooping too much.

It was a bit of a different story for Bernard, the Boxer Khloé owned and shared with ex-husband, Lamar Odom, for a while.

While she loved the dog, he was given away to a family friend during their divorce.

Additionally, many of the animals Kim once owned tragically passed away, such as her daughter North's beloved hamster and Mercy, the white Persian kitten her husband, Kanye, gifted her in 2012.

But thankfully, Kourtney relieved people's worst fears when she stepped in to say that all is well with Honey.

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“Of course we still have Honey our baby Pom Pom,” Kourtney responded to the user.

The last image that had been shared of Honey is this one of Penelope holding the pup back in October.

The Poosh creator also took the time to clapback at a troll who criticized the family's ability to take care of pets.

“Wow so much negativity we still have Honey, but thanks for your assumptions,” the mother of three replied to someone who wrote that the new puppy would be “temporary since you never keep your dogs.”

“I’ll assume Santa wasn’t good to you, hence your vibes," she added.

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Well, it appears that fans are after the mom of three again after it appears that she's naked in a new Instagram post with her son, Reign.

"HAPPY right where we’re meant to be," the reality star captioned the controversial post that was shared on New Year's Day.

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There's another image of her and Reign lying down next to a fireplace under a blanket.

The images were praised at first for being nothing more than just a sweet example of mother-son love.

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"The love of our children," added a fan.

But then, the negative comments began rolling in after this user questioned whether Kourt was naked in the images or not.

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This led many fans to admit that they were thinking the same thing, with one person even calling the images "disgusting."

It's led people to question how close a mother should stay to her children as they get older.

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"If that was Scott, would he need to have clothes on? Yeah, no difference," added another.

Some fans rushed in to defend Kourtney as well.

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In one image, it was clear that Reign was wearing swim trunks.

This fan also stated that what Kourtney does in her household is her business.

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But of course, people still took issue with that.

"That’d be a bit weird," someone replied.

So far, Kourtney has yet to speak out on the drama.

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There's no telling whether she even will since we seriously have to wonder if this whole thing is really that big of a deal??

Although Kendall Jenner ranked her the worst mom amongst The Kardashian-Jenner sisters, we all know that Kourtney basically lives and breathes for her kids — and now, for her animals too.

A pretty similar scandal took off surrounding a photo celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo shared of himself with his daughter.

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Gino captioned this shot of himself and his seven-year-old daughter Mia "Morning cuddles with my little Mia, best feeling in the world."

While most of the comments were positive, some people felt the photo was "weird" or "uncomfortable."

Instagram | @iamginodacampo

Some people felt that Mia was too old to be cuddling shirtless with her family, while others thought it was taking and posting a photograph that was the real issue.

Gino and Mia responded to the haters with a new video.

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"Last time I put a picture of me and you in bed giving kisses and cuddles a lot of people they thought it was weird. I thought it was nice, because we were cuddling and I love you so much," Gino says to Mia in the video.

Mia than asks her dad: "Why did they think it was weird?"

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"Why? I don't know, they are the weird ones, nothing wrong with daughter and daddy cuddling in bed right?" Gino responded.

"What should we say to these people? What's the message we should give these weird people?" he then asked Mia.

Her response was simple: she flipped off the camera.

It doesn't look like Kourtney Kardashian and her son will be taking this route to respond, but it's certainly an option!