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Man Cares For His Paralyzed Wife For More Than 50 Years In Amazing Show Of Love

The words "in sickness and in health" are a tradition in Western weddings and many other cultures have similar sentiments in their own ceremonies.

Still, there are many people who either don't imagine ever needing to stick to that vow or simply find themselves incapable of doing so when tragedy strikes. That doesn't make them monsters; it makes them human.

But humanity's fallibility is what makes stories like this one so very special.

In 1958, Du Yuanfa married the girl of his dreams, Zhou Yu'ai.

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Du worked away from home at a coal mine, but only five months after their wedding, he received word that he had to return home because Zhou had become ill.

A mysterious illness had left her paralyzed and bed-ridden.

Du took her to a number of hospitals, pushing her in a wheelbarrow, but there was no hope.

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The doctors had more bad news: Zhou was also infertile.

Though friends and family urged Du to annul the marriage and find a new wife, he refused. Instead, he quit his job in the mine to become her full-time caretaker.

He would "take care of her forever," he promised.

For more than 50 years, Du has kept her clean and fed, taking her outside for fresh air and making sure she never gets bedsores.

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Together they live in a small stone house and Du grows squash on a small bit of farm land.

Locals and government officials also help Du take care of his wife by offering food and other necessities when times get difficult.

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And Du hasn't given up hope of a cure. Whenever he hears about some new folk medicine, he travels to fetch it. He always tastes it first to ensure that it isn't poisonous or harmful before giving it to Zhou.

They may not have children or luxuries, but they have each other and that is what true love is all about.

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