Clip Of Jim Carrey Becoming The Grinch During Interview Goes Viral

One of the most talented comedic actors of all time seems to be becoming a meme these days.

We're surprised it took this long unless there are other Jim Carrey memes that we are forgetting about.

Regardless of the fact, the man is a comedic genius, so it was bound to happen eventually.

If you look up talent in the dictionary chances are you may see a picture of Jim Carrey.

New Line Cinema

Not only does he have great comedic timing, but he can also make funny voices and well, his facial expression speak for themselves.

We all know he's in the new "Sonic The Hedgehog" movie, right?


This has the potential to be a disaster of a film, but maybe, just maybe, Jim Carrey can elevate the film to new heights.

The actor is currently doing press for Sonic.

During an interview, he launched into an anecdote about what happens when he meets kids sometimes.

Essentially, the kid's parents will introduce him as The Grinch and Jim Carrey will pull a wacky face.

Watch the video, it's pretty good work.

The fact of the matter is he has become a meme yet again.

New Line Cinema

So this is what, his third or fourth time as a meme?

He's got the picture of Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, a couple from the I'm missing any?

Let us know below in the comments!