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Puppy That Looks Like Baby Yoda Goes Viral After Being Rescued From Slaughterhouse

Meet Mork Skywalker, the latest little puppy to tail-wag his way into the hearts of the internet.

I mean, this cutie would probably have been popular no matter what, but his resemblance to a certain 2019 pop culture phenomenon certainly gave him an edge.

Yeah, I'm talking about Baby Yoda.

It's all in those eyes and ears, amirite?

Of course, Mork's story isn't all cuteness and light, but one of awful breeding practices, life-threatening illness, and the hard work of animal rescues.

I'm sure a large portion of Diply readers saw Mork's face and felt sad. Maybe even angry.

Instagram | @morkskywalker

It's true that his unique face is the product of some particularly bad breeders and even worse conditions.

Weighing only 5 kilograms (approx. 11 pounds), Mork was rescued by HarbinSHS, a China-based rescue that focuses on intercepting animals bred in puppy mills before they are sold to slaughterhouses for the meat trade.

Due to his breeding and conditions, Mork had a severe intestinal illness and his life was on the line.

Instagram | @morkskywalker

When Nikki Carvey, founder of California-based Road Dogs & Rescue heard about him, she decided that she needed to bring him over, not just to rehabilitate, but to adopt herself.

Road Dogs & Rescue focuses on bulldogs and puppies with special needs.

Once Mork had stabilized enough to travel, he flew (economy, not cargo) to California.

Since his arrival in mid-December, Mork has gained weight and a sizable following.

Due to his digestion problems, Mork eats really well for a doggo. His food is fully cooked and consists of plenty of lentils and healthy supplements. They are still learning what ongoing health issues he may have.

As for what breed or mix he is, Nikki says she won't do a DNA test or make any assumptions.

She explained her reasoning to Huffpost Australia

"I don’t want people to replicate him and breed him. He’s got so many congenital issues. He’s got an undershot jaw, and he can’t breathe very well. He’ll have surgery to help him breathe.

"The last thing I want people to do is re-create Mork because he is 'cute'."

Which is an awesome stand to take.

Instagram | @morkskywalker

The process of disincentivizing breeders from the poor practices that result in animals with congenital health issues is a long and difficult one, but once those animals are born, they deserve just as much love and support as any other.

If you'd like to follow Mork's journey, you can do so on Instagram @morkskywalker.

h/t: Huffpost Australia

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