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Minister Threatens To Sue NFL Because Halftime Show May 'Keep Him Out Of Heaven'

An Ohio minister has revealed that he is considering legal action against the NFL for broadcasting a "crotch-grabbing" halftime show at the Super Bowl which he says just might "keep [him] out of heaven."

As New York Post reported, Dave Daubenmire, a local minister, and former Ohio football coach, recently took to his YouTube channel to express his fury at Super Bowl LIV for allowing what he believes was "damning" halftime entertainment.

Daubenmire, known as Coach Dave to his followers, hosts a live web show called "Pass The Salt Ministries."

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In one of his latest episodes, streamed just one day after the Super Bowl aired, an irate Daubenmire told his viewers that he plans to sue the league for allowing Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's halftime performance.

Or, as the radical right-wing conservative dubbed it, the "56th annual porn show halftime."

If you missed it, Shakira and Lopez put on a spectacular performance to their top hits, including "Hips Don't Lie" and "On the Floor".

The stage was filed with bright colors, perfectly synchronized dancing, and all the Latin love you could possibly ask for. The live crowd went crazy for it, and so did audiences watching at home.

"Shakira and JLo are just queens, that’s it," this Twitter user tweeted, while another added, "Tears 🥺 Best halftime show I’ve seen in a long time! First one I’ve seen end with the words, 'muchas gracias!'"

But apparently not everyone watching at home was thrilled to see the artists scantily clad and dancing about on stage.

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"I turned on the TV to watch football, not to watch a pole dance," Daubenmire said. "They penetrated the sanctity of my home."

At the beginning of his video in response to the show, he slammed Lopez for dressing the way she did at her age.

"J.Lo is 50," Daubenmire said. "You go on a porn website, you're not looking for 50-year-old women."

Eventually, he turned his attention away from Lopez's fashion choices and began criticizing the NFL for allowing her and Shakira to put on their "soft pornographic" performance.

"I think we ought to sue," he said.

As Daubenmire explained, there was no warning given prior to the start of the performance.

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"Would that have been rated PG?" he implored. "Were there any warnings that your 12-year-old young son whose hormones are just starting to operate… Was there any warning that what he’s going to see might cause him to get sexually exited?”

The enraged Daubenmire said he wants to use the artists' performance as evidence to support legal action against the NFL.

“Why can’t we file a class-action lawsuit, go into court, and use this as our evidence?” he continued. "I think we ought to go sit down in a courtroom and present this evidence of how whoever [put on the halftime show] is keeping me from getting into the kingdom of heaven."

The NFL, Daubenmire said, doesn't "have the right in the middle of a game to broadcast soft porn."

"You can't just do that," he said. "I want to sue [the NFL] for about $867 trillion."

Although it may seem like he's simply a man with a web series overreacting to a halftime performance, Daubenmire wants people to know he's actually serious.

In fact, he's already lawyering-up.

In a follow-up post, he said he's planning to go forward with his lawsuit against the NFL and asked for a lawyer interested in taking his case.

But he's not just going after the NFL.

In that same post, Daubenmire said he's interested in filing a class-action suit against Pepsi, Fox, and his local cable provider for the offensive halftime show he was apparently forced to watch.

"My wife says this commentary sounds angry," he wrote. "She’s right. I AM angry. Why aren’t you? What is it going to take?

"Let’s sue them all."

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