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5+ Celebs Who Can't Stand Ellen DeGeneres (And 5+ Who Adore Her)

Ellen DeGeneres has come out as a very divisive figure as of late, due to the controversies surrounding her workplace.

She has been called rude, and according to many staffers, the work environment as a whole is quite abusive and harmful.

When it comes to celebrities, while some aren't fans of her for some of her controversies, other celebrities stick by her through everything!

ADORE: Portia de Rossi

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I mean, you know, duh.

The two have been married for two decades now, and they stick by each other through thick and thin, that's for sure. Portia refuses to say anything negative about Ellen, no matter what comes out against her.

CAN'T STAND: Kathy Griffin

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This is an actual quote from Kathy Griffin's book:

"I'm almost positive a certain beloved daytime talk show host once had me kicked out of a backstage dressing room at the Emmy Awards. I can't prove it, but this person, who has short blonde hair, has a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about."

ADORE: Kim Kardashian

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The model and social media mogul is a huge fan of Ellen's! She's frequently on her show to discuss her family drama.

The two have always spoken highly about one another, despite the continuous controversies that surround the two of them.

CAN'T STAND: Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has been offended by the actions of Ellen on more than one occasion. One time she commented on Katy Perry's "big balloons" during the #MeToo movement.

Another time was when she put up a shirtless photo of Chris Hemsworth during her People’s Choice Awards acceptance speech.

ADORE: Pharell Williams

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Ellen is obviously a huge fan of Pharell Williams', which is why he was invited to her 60th birthday party.

They have always spoken kindly about the other.

CAN'T STAND: Drew Barrymore

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At one point in her career, Ellen called Drew Barrymore "large" when she was pregnant.

Not only that, but the two reportedly feuded while they worked on the show First Dates.

ADORE: Ryan Seacrest

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“Everyone hearts Ellen DeGeneres. What’s not to love?”

Those are actual words from the mouth of Ryan Seacrest, who thinks that everyone should love Ellen. But that, clearly, isn't the case.

CAN'T STAND: Susan Sarandon

One man is the reason Ellen and this actress aren't friends: George W. Bush.

Sarandon doesn't like the fact that Ellen was friends with the ex-president, citing his alleged war crimes as a reason.

ADORE: Justin Timberlake

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Ellen loves people who can sing and dance. She also loves actors who can make people laugh.

Justin Timberlake happens to do all three, not to mention he's in one of Hollywood's cutest couples (which is great to talk about).

CAN'T STAND: Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner and Ellen have a feud that seems to mostly stem from a misunderstanding when it came to marriage equality.

Ellen said it sounded like Jenner wasn't for it, but Jenner disagrees.

ADORE: Melissa McCarthy

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These two women share a couple of things in common, most notably, being their sense of humor.

The two friends pal around during their interviews and have always spoken highly of one another.

CAN'T STAND: Kelly Ripa

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When Michael and Kelly broke up, the world was devastated.

But here's where the feud started: during the breakup, Ellen had Michael on her show.

Kelly felt betrayed. She felt as if Ellen was taking Michael's side. Reportedly.

ADORE: Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is another actor who enjoys being Ellen's friend. Not only did they kiss on Ellen's show, she celebrated Jenny's 50th birthday in a huge way on her show!

The two are pretty much BFFs!

CAN'T STAND: Joan Rivers

While she may be gone, the fact that she had a feud with Ellen will live on forever.

It was actually Kathy Griffin who reported this, saying Rivers told her Ellen hated her at a dinner.

ADORE: Katy Perry

The singer has been pictured with Ellen many times, and the two of them are often seen palling around whenever they're together.

Katy defends Ellen whenever she can.

CAN'T STAND: Elton John

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The two have patched things up in recent years, but when she first came out as a lesbian Elton John wanted her to shut up. He said:

"Shut up already. We know you’re gay. Be funny."

ADORE: Pamela Anderson

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The two of them have bonded before over their love for animals.

Also, for a while, both of them were vegans (Ellen is no longer a vegan, as she now eats fish and eggs).

CAN'T STAND: Liza Minnelli

Apparently, Ellen wasn't very nice to Liza Minnelli when she hosted at the Oscars, even making a joke at the singer's expense.

Liza didn't think the joke was all that funny.

ADORE: Oprah Winfrey

Apparently, the two have become great friends since they met on Ellen's show back in the '90s.

The two have often been seen in public together, and were even neighbors for a while!

CAN'T STAND: Reese Witherspoon

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Now that Reese has started her own daytime talk show, Shine On With Reese, she has declined to make appearances on Ellen's show.

And apparently, the actress is fairly cutthroat as well.

ADORE: Howard Stern

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Ellen has been on Howard Stern's show many times, and one time she revealed that the two were actually very close.

So close that the pair even kissed one time!

CAN'T STAND: Wendy Williams

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These two have more of a professional rivalry than anything.

But Williams is known for her harsh words, and she has even said a nasty thing or two about Ellen's wife.

ADORE: Chance The Rapper

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These two are very close. So close that Chance apparently even sent the talk show host flowers on her birthday!

They have also both come out with their respect for each other.

CAN'T STAND: Mark Ruffalo

It seems that even Hulk doesn't like Ellen Degeneres.

Why? Well, for the same reason that Susan Sarandon doesn't like her: because she was friends with ex-president George W. Bush.

ADORE: Adele

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While you may think having an amazing singer friend like Adele would mean she would perform at your parties, Ellen didn't want her doing that at her 60th.

She likely wanted Adele to party alongside with her!

CAN'T STAND: Jameela Jamil


The star of The Good Place doesn't like the daytime talk show host for the same reasons that Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo don't like her: because she is friends with George W. Bush.

ADORE: Sofia Vergara

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Even though Ellen has impersonated her before, the Modern Family star never seemed to take offense to it.

She took it in stride and the two remain great friends to this day.

CAN'T STAND: Kim Burrell

She was supposed to make an appearance on Ellen with Pharell Williams, but after making some pretty inflammatory comments about gay people in her church, the gospel singer was banned.

ADORE: Sean Hayes

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Even though at one point the two were sitcom rivals, the two have become such good friends over the years that Sean even got to host Ellen's show once.

Not many people have been able to do that.

CAN'T STAND: Eric Trump

Not only does the son of President Donald J. Trump not like the talk show host, he even accused her of being part of a deep state conspiracy.

Like he did with many other liberals.

ADORE: Jane Lynch

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Jane Lynch attributes her career to Ellen, saying that if Ellen hadn't done what she did in 1997, there would be no room for Lynch in showbusiness.

And the two are obvious friends.

CAN'T STAND: Giada De Laurentiis

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The celebrity chef hates Ellen for the strangest reason: her cooking is just not that great.

Giada De Laurentiis went on the show to teach Ellen and Nicole Kidman how to cook and... well, she was very rude, tbh.