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Demi Lovato's National Anthem Performance Will Go Down In Super Bowl History As One Of The Best

Demi Lovato just completely crushed it during her performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl.

In case you missed it, Demi Lovato is currently making a comeback.

She stunned fans at the 2020 Grammy Awards after performing a song she had written just days before her nearly fatal overdose.

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Despite choking up mid-performance and having having to start over, she left fans nothing but impressed.

After watching her crush the Grammys, fans were pretty confident that her Super Bowl performance would be one for the books.

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The national anthem is notoriously critiqued year after year.

Whitney Houston's national anthem is often known as one of the greatest of all time.

While fans have not quite forgiven Christina Aguilera for messing up the lyrics in 2011.

Don't worry, though - Demi absolutey crushed it.

And Twitter has been blowing up since her jaw-dropping performance.

The 27-year-old left fans speechless as she hit each and every note.

This is truly Demi Lovato's world and we're all just living in it.

Can we just skip the football game, Y/N?

Demi is proof dreams truly do come true, just look at this tweet from 2010!

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Celebs like Ellen DeGeneres have been congratulating Demi for making her dreams come true a decade later.

Talk about the ultimate comeback.

There's no doubt that this performance is going to go down in history as one of the greatest national anthems yet!

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