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Man Defrauded His Own Grandma But All Anyone Can Focus On Is His Super Long Neck

A man who was recently sentenced to two years in jail for defrauding his own grandmother has caught the internet's attention, but it's not his crime that's got people talking — it's his inordinately long neck.

23-year-old Harrison Davies from the UK was recently arrested after stealing thousands of pounds from his elderly relative, a disgusting fact which has been seriously overshadowed by this guy's giraffe-like appearance.

On January 30, Humberside Police posted a photo of Davies' mugshot to their official Facebook page, along with details of his crimes.

Facebook | Humberside Police

According to the post, the man used his 79-year-old grandmother's bank cards to fraudulently order items online without her knowledge or permission.

Davies ended up stealing £24,000 (about $32,000 USD) from his grandmother between November 2016 and November 2018, and then attempted to steal another £1,000 before he was caught by local authorities.

Of course, once the internet caught sight of Davies' bizarrely long neck, there was just no stopping the comments from rolling in.

Some Facebook users compared the thief to the classic movie character E.T., while others insisted his hyper-extended neck is more akin to a giraffe's.

"He's brought so much shame upon the giraffe community," one person wrote.

Another added, "With a neck like that, all the other inmates are going to think they're at the zoo."

Other people took to posting their best "long neck" jokes in the comments for everyone else to enjoy. And enjoy we did.

"His mom has been knitting him a scarf since the cold winter of 2010," one user wrote, while another added, "Surprised he got caught. With a neck like that he could have been his own lookout."

"They're making a documentary about him on Netflix," someone wrote. "It's going to be called 'Long Arm of the Law Catches Long Neck.' Gonna be the best thing on the internet."

While it's definitely funny to read through all the "neck" comments, we can't forget that this is still a criminal who defrauded his own *grandmother*.

Unsplash | Cristian Newman

According to Grimsby Live, Davies' grandma actually raised him from infancy and told the court at his hearing that she is "extremely disappointed" in him.

"He is very intelligent," she said. "He has done this to me and he will do it to others. I don't have a lot of money... This whole incident has put me out."

However, in spite of everything, she admitted that she still loves Davies, even if his heartless theft has left her "stressed" and "very shaken up."

h/t: Grimsby Live, Facebook | Humberside Police