Unsplash | Berkay Gumustekin

This Giant Croc-Shaped Pet Bed Will Keep Your Slipper-Loving Dog Happy And Cozy

If there's one thing pet owners can attest to, it's that all dogs have some strange, inexplicable fascination with shoes. More specifically, slippers.

I used to think I was alone on this one and believed my dog was the only one out there who consistently walked around with a slipper in his mouth. Sometimes he brings slippers to me at the door as a sort of "welcome home" gift. Other times I catch him chewing my slippers to shreds because I guess that's just our arrangement: I feed him, walk him, and love him, and in return he destroys my footwear. Seems fair.

But as it turns out, there are a lot of people out there whose dogs share the same weird obsession with slippers.

This obsession is so common in fact that one company has released a line of unique pet beds specifically for those animals whose love for slippers and other footwear knows no bounds.

And since we'd literally do anything for our pets, I think it's safe to say we'd be willing to buy them even the most ridiculous items if it means they'd be happy.

Case in point: this Croc-shaped pet bed.

Remember Crocs, those shoes we couldn't seem to get enough of as kids?

I don't know about you, but I had several pairs in several very bright colors, and wore them for every occasion. And I mean every occasion. I distinctly remember wearing them to a few gym classes and defending my fashion choice by pointing out that saucy heel strap, perfect for turning these slip-ons into race-ready footwear.

Yeah, now you can get one giant Croc-like shoe for your pets.

The Jersey Pet Company came up with a pet bed that looks just like the Crocs we remember from the days of yore.


Just look at that thing. It's luxurious and, not to mention, totally styling. Oh hey, 2000s, nice to see you again.

According to Bustle, these beds aren't just cute, they're actually super functional, too. The "sock" inside the shoe slips right out so it can be washed, and the entire bed is made of non-toxic odor-resistant material. So no more smelly dog beds in your house! Now instead you can impress guests with the giant, single shoe your dog sleeps inside.

The inside of the shoe is a decent size so it can accommodate small to medium-sized pets.


So while cats, puppies, and smaller dogs can live their dreams and sleep beneath the protection of a Croc-like shoe, unfortunately bigger dogs will have to stick to their regular-sized beds.

But to be fair, this shoe might be just the right size, and anything bigger would just look ridiculous in our living room. Can you imagine having just one Croc the size of your coffee table just hanging out in the corner? Yeah, I think this size is good enough.

These shoe pet beds differ in price depending on location and, surprisingly, color.


On Amazon, the bed costs about $45 USD for the navy color, while pink comes in at around $42. But a fire engine-red one comes in at a startling $107.91 (and it's not even available on Amazon Prime).

So if you're thinking of getting your pet one of these beds, it might in your best interest to go for a less popular color, unless you're willing to splurge a little.