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Fans Are Confused After Wendy Williams Shares Footage Of Her Getting Botox Injections On Air

Wendy Williams is on a roll, ladies and gentleman, and there's no stopping the queen of shade now!

Wendy truly farted on her show last week, so if you're wondering how she could possibly top that *this* week, don't worry, she DID.

Wendy truly went and got botox hours before her show started and recorded it all for the viewers!

YouTube | The Wendy Williams Show

She called it a "breakfast procedure."

"She's sharpening my jawline. She giving me a little cheekbone from the back," Wendy explained.

YouTube | The Wendy Williams Show

"If you see something, do something."

Fans were taken ABACK by the decision to show her procedure online.

She said every staff member in her office is now interested in Botox. "I've never gotten a facelift!" she revealed.

YouTube | The Wendy Williams Show

Did she feature her plastic surgeon for some free nips and tucks?

Some people don't believe her claims about never having a facelift.

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