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Hundreds Of Dogs And Their Owners Showed Up For Terminally-Ill Pup's Final Walk

Warning: this story may cause the kind of tears where you're sad and happy all at once and everything bubbles over into unintelligible blubbering at your desk that's impossible to hide from your boss or coworkers. Please pause to find your closest box of tissues.

You may also want to cuddle your pets if they are nearby.

This is a story about Marley, a seven-year-old cocker spaniel who has only a few months left to live.

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

Marley has been diagnosed with haemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive form of cancer. Even after removing his spleen and a tumor weighing more than three pounds, veterinarians were unable to halt the disease's progression.

So Marley's human mom Ashleigh Murray was faced with the task of making Marley's final weeks the best she could.

I'm sure that any pet parent can understand how heartbroken Ashleigh was at the news.

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

Beyond losing a beloved pet, she was losing the companion who had seen her through previous tragedies.

Marley was with her when she lost a baby, when her father passed away, when her relationship of 10 years ended, and through struggling with PTSD.

In an emotional Facebook post, she said, "Someone once said to me that Marley was my owner in a past life and now I'm his."

As part of her plans to make his remaining time special, Ashleigh wanted to take Marley to one of his favorite places to walk.

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

Since a good adventure is always better with friends, Ashleigh created a Facebook event called "Marley's Big Walk", inviting pet friends to join them at Crawfordsburn Country Park in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Ashleigh planned for a modest crowd, with pizza for the human, treats for the dogs, and a donation box for Dog's Trust.

Instead, about 350 people arrived, with almost 400 dogs!

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

Marley loved it, insisting on running around and greeting every dog and person who came to support him.

Ashleigh called him a diva for soaking in all the attention he was getting.

In one huge procession, they all walked through the park, its woods, and along its beach.

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

"Thank you so much for taking him into your hearts, I can never express how much it means to us," she said.

With all the memories and gifts and attention Marley has been receiving, I think Ashleigh's goal of an amazing final weeks is off to a great start.

She is currently awaiting the results of Marley's most recent tests, which should give a better idea of how much time is left.

Facebook | Ashleigh Murray

"Never in our wildest puppy dog dreams did we ever think this amount of people would show up for a normal girl and her little doggy."

Okay, now can someone please pass me the tissues?

h/t: The Sun