9+ Lazy But Cute Hair Hacks We Need To Try

My fellow lazy people, raise your hands!

Yeah, sorry that was a lot to ask. You know what else isn't a lot to ask? Trying out these super cute and easy hair hacks. No more tangled, messy buns, guys. In 2020 we are exploring new things, buying cute clips, and brushing our hair.

This bun is deceptively easy.

Though it looks intricate, all this bun requires is a ponytail, some hairspray, and two or three hair ties.

Creating the loops looks so simple that you could probably do it without a mirror. Probably.

Learn quick curling tips from Tik Tok.

Tik Tok | @http.jolian

Rather than holding your curling wand upsidedown, @http.jolian has a new trick for you: Take the end of your hair, pin it with your finger against the handle of the wand, and then simply curl upwards to wrap your hair around it.

Watch it here.

Tie it in a knot.

No, really.

Separate two sections of your hair and tie them together. Then, wrap the ends around the middle and secure with a bobby pin. That's it, that's all there is to it.

Show off some hair jewelry.

YouTube | Luxy Hair

Luxe hair accessories are super in right now, so why not try some out with these simple bobby pin looks?

YouTuber Luxy Hair put together five simple looks that can be done in no time at all!

This is the laziest, easiest bun ever.

This has three steps:

1: Put your hair in a ponytail. 2: Roll the end of the ponytail towards your head. 3: Pin it in place.

That's it, that's how you do the bun.

Rock a rope braid.

YouTube | The Freckled Fox

Hit your hair with some dry shampoo to give it some texture. Then twist and gather your hair in bigger and bigger increments until you've got two free ends. Twist those together, pull for volume, and voilĂ ! A rope braid.

This chignon is secretly easy.

Yet Another Beauty Site

It may look sophisticated, but this chignon requires very little. Twist your hair away from your face, secure it with a ponytail, and then tuck your ends back into the twists. Done!

Elsa, but hold the braid.

I thought this would be crazy difficult, but it's actually so simple! You'll need a friend for this one, but it's so easy that you and your favorite lazy friend will have it done in no time.

Get easy curls.

No curling iron required.

On Tik Tok, @daisy.wolanksi showed off three different ways to get curls. Here's the first way: put your hair in a pony, then wrap your hair around it and pull it down. Easy-peasy, right?

Get cute buns with no work.

Tik Tok | @jas.mw

@jas.mw used her hair's natural volume and texture to give herself the cutest buns I've ever seen.

Using a comb, some hair product, and an amazing hair clip, she turned her hair into an effortlessly cool updo. Watch it here.

Curl your hair with a pencil.

Using a standard pencil, wrap your hair around it. Then place your flat iron over it and make sure everything is evenly heated. Release the pencil and shake your brand new curls out!

Upgrade your ponytail.

Tik Tok | @priyanka_vkarma

This hairstyle looks complicated, but it's so, so easy. Simply choose a section of your hair, tie it into a knot, and place it in your ponytail. The hair won't be damaged, promise!

Watch it here.

Play with your part.

YouTube | AlleySinai

Switch things up from the usual with this fun tutorial! Create yourself a new, super deep part and secure it. Then, using more of the hair on that side of your head, incorporate a twist or braid and pin that back, too!

This bun only requires twisting.

Tik Tok | @aspiringprincess

For this look, @aspiringprincess twisted her hair away from her face and pulled at the front a little for height. Then, she simply separated her hair into two parts and twisted those together until they made a bun!

Watch it here.

No bangs? No problem.


This simple hack just requires twisting and turning your hair so that it's flipped forward and faux bangs appear out of nowhere. This tutorial explains it all.

Curls coming right up. No tools required.


All you need to create gorgeous, beachy curls is an elastic headband and a good night's rest. Don't believe me? Check it out.

Jazz up a short hairstyle with a few curls.


It's amazing how much a few curls can really liven up an otherwise cute, but mundane short haircut. Follow the simple steps outlined above for a perfectly jazzy 'do.

A top-notch topknot.


You know how a topknot looks like it should be so easy, but then you try it and it's actually really hard to achieve the desired pulled-together-yet-slightly-messy look? Well, this tutorial has you covered.

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and divide it into two sections. Twist each section in your hands and wrap in opposite directions around the base of your elastic. Secure with bobby pins and go.

Dry shampoo can do wonders for a flat pony tail.


Revive a flat 'do by spraying your hair with dry shampoo, pulling it up into a pony tail, and teasing the base of the pony to create more volume.

Don't let oily hair get the best of you...


Cover up an oily part with a braid. Its genius is in its simplicity. Here's an excellent tutorial on how to do this.

Here's a quick and easy way to refresh curls.


And all it requires is a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water. Learn how here.

Sometimes, a hairband is all you need.


Not just to keep your hair out of your eyes, but to create a totally adorable updo with very little effort.