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You Can Order Sassy NSFW 'Harry Potter' Hogwarts House Candles

If there's one lesson you should take with you through life, it's that you do not mess with Harry Potter fans. They are a strong and powerful force of millions around the world, and their fandom alone could cast one major spell on the world.

This is perfectly exemplified by a set of sassy candles being sold on Etsy.

Orlando-based Etsy shop Sugar and Geek sells a host of pop culture-inspired candles.

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Their altar candles are hilarious and perfect for celebrity super fans.

They've also got something for all 'The Office' fans out there.

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This would be perfect for an at-home office desk! I'm not sure workplaces allow burning candles???

The shop also clearly loves a good sassy candle, and we're 100% on board with that.

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This candle was practically made for Virgos like me.

We definitely do not recommend you leave this unattended no matter how much you love your significant other!

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These are great gift ideas, though.

Their love for sass has spread to their line of hilariously irreverent candles inspired by the Hogwarts houses.

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The puns are as foul-mouthed and sassy as Mad Eye Moody.

Each candle is colored to match their respective house color and are deliciously scented.

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"I Don't Give A HuffleF-ck" smells like warm sugar cookies straight from the oven, while "I Don't Give A SlytherSh-t" smells like a beautiful spring day, with notes of jasmine, lavender, and citrus.

"I Don't Give A GryffinDamn" is probably my favorite candle, not just because of its seamless pun work, but also because it smells like a cozy fall day.

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Apple, mint, eucalyptus, clove, and Canadian fir are all swirled together for a scent I could possibly never grow tired of!

"I Don't Give A RavenCrap" is filled with apple, cedar wood, and mahogany, which most likely feels like a giant hug on a rainy day.

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All of these candles retailed individually for $18, and I unfortunately use "retail" in the past tense because they're all currently sold out!

Considering the product's recent viral popularity, I'm sure the sellers are working hard to get more on the market for all the sassy Potterheads out there, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check out Sugar and Geek so you don't miss out!