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You Can Order A Sorting Hat Candle That Melts To Reveal Your Hogwarts House Color

The Sorting Hat is arguably the most important part of the Harry Potter franchise. That's because, depending on what House was chosen as their Hogwarts destiny, the story could have turned out in a completely different way.

Muggles love to find out what Hogwarts House they would be chosen for.

Many take quizzes online and hold onto their result just as much as a Myers-Briggs personality type test.

While a real life Sorting Hat may not exist, although I wouldn't be surprised if that were to ever happen one day, a sorting candle sure does!

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Ashley over at Etsy shop MLC Co. makes them herself.

They start off white, and as they burn, they reveal one of four colors: red, green, yellow, and blue.

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From the colors, you can infer which Hogwarts House you're in.

The Sorting Hat always stressed everyone out.

You could really feel Ron's nervousness in this scene.

That's why the scent of the candle is absolutely perfect.

The scent is excitement, fear, and nervousness, which ends up smelling a lot like lemon, sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

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The 9oz. soy candle runs for $26.

This is a great Christmas or birthday present for the Potterhead in your life.

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However, they might be shook if their candle's color doesn't match their Pottermore House quiz result.

If you don't get the house you wanted, unfortunately, there's no turning back.

Light with caution...

This is the reaction we're hoping for, though.

Be sure to check out Ashley's shop to purchase the candle and to check out her other whimsical candles!

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