Twitter Can't Stop Hating On Jennifer Lopez's Dress At The Golden Globes

Editorial Note: This article is from the 2020 Awards Season being posted as a fun throwback!

Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman and her looks throughout the years have made for exceptional headlines, be they good or bad.

This year, it's definitely not in a good way. Twitter has taken her apart, and are not fans of the look she is supporting this year.

In fact, memes have already begun to circulate.

Before we get into the dress, let us make one thing very clear: Jennifer Lopez has been, and will always be, beautiful.

She has constantly floored us with her looks, whether it was a new hairstyle or a stunning gown.

She is known for showing up to award shows with stunning dresses that gets everyone talking.

Usually, it's for something sparkly, or something lowcut.

Or, if fans are lucky, the dress has both those things.

It's not the first time that she breaks the internet in an astonishing dress.

We all remember the Versace dress, right?

That dress was so groundbreaking that it actually invented Google images.

Yeah, that's being iconic.

In fact, the dress was so famous, that not only did she bring it back for 2019 but...

The dress design was made into sneakers to celebrate the star's 50th birthday!

That's real power, people.

JLo was attending the Golden Globes for her role in 'Hustlers.'

And although she didn't win, it was a huge accomplishment to be nominated!

It's her second nomination since her role in Selena.

But back to the dress.

Before we got some good looks at her dress, thankfully, Alex Rodriguez was giving us high quality photos of her makeup and hair.

Is anyone feeling nostalgic over that Maid in Manhattan hair?

Just me? Let's continue.

Okay, so I'm not the only one.

Not only does her hair look the same, but she is even wearing similar jewelry!

And let us be honest: She hasn't aged a damn day.

So, while her makeup might have been impeccably done, her dress...was a different story.

The dress itself isn't awful, but...the bow really makes your eyes hurt.

Sure, everyone has their own tastes, but it's definitely not red carpet material.

People are under the impression that she looks like Christmas present.

Considering the holiday season is only recently behind us, it's not too hard to believe that that's where she got her inspiration.

At least her hair is nice.

This is probably the best meme to come out of it all.

Comparing her to someone who is holy? That's pretty on-brand, if we're being honest.

This time, it might be comparing her outfit to a holy person, but every other day, you can see someone comparing Jennifer Lopez to God.

As usual, Ryan Reynolds found his way into the memes of Twitter.

You have to agree that the dress and his special Christmas sweater look remarkably alike.

Reynolds' sweater helped raised money for children. I wonder what JLo's dress will raise awareness for.

Let's explore a couple more memes, shall we?

This one compares poor J-Lo to a present. And she is a present, really: to all of us.

Hm...she must have gotten the idea from a certain holiday that just passed.

What do you mean, what happened?

She took risks! She got messy! She made mistakes! Just like Ms. Frizzle was always telling you to do!

Maybe if you took more risks, you could have won a Golden Globe for Hustlers.

But maybe not, considering that Lopez didn't end up winning the Globe after all.

Jennifer Lopez actually lost the Golden Globe to Laura Dern for her performance in Marriage Story.

Needless to say, the Lopez fans are pissed.

But enough about that!

Because people are still hating hard on this dress! They can't get enough of that hate!

They're letting the hate flow through them, letting the dark side consume their very beings!

There seems to be a running theme in these hateful tweets...

And it has something to do with the big, golden, gigantic freaking bow that she was carrying around on her stomach the entire night.

Seriously, how did she think all this was going to go down?

Julie seems to be having a meltdown over the dress.

Which to be fair, is pretty understandable.

For someone as iconic as Lopez, to come to the Globes in that's definitely a statement.

What in God's name am I looking at here?

Maybe that's what Lopez was going for all along?

Maybe she wanted to give us the Opera moment we deserved on the Golden Globe red carpet.

Yes, there was a 'Friends' moment for this.

Or at least a Friends reaction gif, because isn't there always?

Those guys must have been working with the guys from The Simpsons to predict the future because they nail things a lot.

Oh, it's a skit in the Carol Burnett show!

Oh, no wonder it looks so darn ridiculous! Not Lopez' dress (although that isn't all that sensible either), but the one I mentioned earlier.

Well, now that I get the reference, it's hilarious.

Here comes Kim with the scathing review.

Comparing her dress to the really crappy one Cinderella had on.

You know, before all the animals and stuff helped her get it up to snuff. Ouch Kim, that burns!

Some were disappointed in Lopez.

And considering that old Versace dress she used to wear around, yeah I'm kind of disappointed too. But, then again, one fashion mistake does not make her a fashion reject.

Two fashion mistakes on the other hand...

Maybe this all was some practical joke...

We'll have to wait and see what she wears to the Superbowl next month.

If it's as ridiculous as her Golden Globes outfit well...well, we can probably expect some more memes.

However, all jokes aside (and all the jokes are really good), she still looks pretty stunning.

You might not think it's beautiful, but needless to say, she looks amazing in anything she wears.

What do you think of the dress? Let us know in the comments!

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