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Dramatic Rescue Of Dog Chained To Fence During Jakarta Floods Caught On Camera

The first week of 2020 has been dramatic, to say the least. There was the airstrike in Iraq, rising tensions with Iran, and Australia is on fire.

Lost amongst the crazy headlines was the massive flooding of Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, on New Years Day. Heavy overnight rain led to hundreds of thousands of people being forced from their homes and 43 people confirmed dead at the time of this writing.

But one story from the floods has managed to break through the noise: the rescue of a dog.

The dog was spotted by photographer Gala Indiga, who lives in Cinere, Bogor, West Java. Throughout the rescue, he shared updates on his Instagram stories, which were then shared to Twitter before going viral.

He told The Jakarta Post that he saw the waters rushing by and then realized that a neighbor's dog was clinging to a rail, chained up and unable to escape the rushing water.

Only he and RW head (the leader of the community unit) noticed the dog at first, but it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue themselves.

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Heavy debris was rushing by at high speed and Indiga knew he wasn't equipped to properly help the dog.

The owner was on vacation, having left the dog chained up while they were gone.

Many residents were out of town at the time of the flooding, vacationing for the new year break.

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Indiga called the experts and a pair of firefighters made the dangerous trek through the floodwaters, using an axe to free the chain from the fence.

Once the dog was safe on dry land, residents took care of it, providing food and a warm place to stay.

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This dog wasn't the only one affected by the sudden floods.

A Twitter user named Restya Mahara shared the story of five dogs who had also been left alone for the day. Neighbors broke into the home once they realized the it was full of water. Sadly, one of the dogs didn't survive.

Animal organizations have put out reminders to residents in flood-prone areas to not leave their animals confined.

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At least, if there is no one around to help them, the animal will have a chance to escape on its own.

As for the rescued pup, Indiga shared a follow-up showing it safe on dry land and being taken care of. Look at that smile!

h/t: The Jakarta Post

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