Deck Out Your Hair This Holiday Season With A Poinsettia-Inspired Style

With Christmas approaching soon now's the time to decide what look you're going to go for this year. Are you going to channel the holiday spirit and reflect it in your hair color? I say, why not?

If that's what you really want to do I've got a few great hair color ideas you can explore to get you ready for all the holiday parties.

Michigan-based colorist, Jasmine VanAmburg shared her holiday-inspired hair color on her Instagram and her followers went wild.

She went with the quintessential holiday colors of red, green, and gold.

If you're bold enough, you too can create something like this on your hair.

I would suggest getting a colorist to do it for you instead of trying it yourself.

If you're not ready to change your entire hair color just for the holidays don't worry.

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

You can always try some semi-permanent hair color for a temporary festive look.

You can also opt for something like this.

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

I absolutely love the fact that the bow was created using this lady's own hair. That's so cool, unique, and festive.

And how about this two-toned hairstyle?

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

What a neat idea. Talk about a holiday-themed look here. Loving the contrast between the shiny green and bold red. Makes quite a statement.

Oh my, how awesome is this look?

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

I'm so impressed at how they were able to create an illusion of a Christmas tree like this. This is so fun.

I'm really digging this subtle yet still totally Christmas ready hairdo here.

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

It's just enough color for me. It's really fun and playful. I think I could go for this.

With a color change like this, it goes without saying that you will need to ensure you protect your hair color with a good anti-fade shampoo and conditioner.

Instagram | @renovationinspirations

Great hair needs a lot of care!

Now you're ready to hit the holiday party circuit with style.

And I think everyone will be totally jealous of how unique your hair look, so go for it.