Kate Middleton Was Caught Awkwardly Shrugging Off Prince William's PDA


Fans are left wondering if there's some trouble in royal paradise after Kate Middleton was caught awkwardly shrugging off her husband's PDA in a new video.

Being a royal couple may sound glamorous, but it does come with several strict rules in place.

This all starts with the wedding (The Queen has to approve the bride's dress!) and then continues on for the rest of the couple's life.

Take, for instance, how female royals can't show off any cleavage.

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If they've got it, they can't flaunt it (unless they're behind closed doors).

Bare legs are another no-go. The Queen wants royal women to wear panty hose for any royal function.

There's even protocol over how royal females exit cars.

According to Beaumont Etiquette founder and expert Myka Meier, this is called the "swivel and pop."

It's a crafty manoeuvre that prevents women from flashing the world when exiting a vehicle.

It involves positioning yourself to the end of the car seat, placing your arms behind yourself for support, and then swiveling your legs tightly together outside of the car.

Then comes the final "pop" as you stand and exit the vehicle.

While you would think that there's an official rule against PDA for royal couples, there isn't.

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Instead, it's something that is simply frowned upon.

This is especially the case if the couple is visiting a foreign country.

It's why Kate and William are standing *way* far apart in these images of them visiting the Taj Mahal in 2016.

It's just easier to avoid any type of PDA while traveling so as not to offend the different cultures.

But now, a new video has left fans wondering if Kate is not down for PDA at anytime or anywhere.

That's because the video shows Kate awkwardly shrugging off her husband's attempt at PDA.

The clip comes from the royal couple's time on "A Berry Royal Christmas."

The BBC holiday special was filmed with special guest, Mary Berry from The Great British Baking Show.

Here's the infamous shrug seen all around the world:

The couple had been at the holiday party they hosted to show appreciation to charity volunteers dedicating their Christmas to help others.

Here's a clearer shot:


The potential slight from Kate has left royal fans curious as to whether there are some marital issues with the couple who have now been royally hitched since 2011.

Others, however, don't believe that Kate was shrugging William off.

"leave them alone. thats pathetic," one said.

One fan even brought up the time it looked like William had pushed Kate:

There were many theories over this, but at the end of the day, it's clear that they were just playing football!

Kate potentially shrugging William off has even led to speculation that divorce is on the horizon.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time that this subject has been brought up.

In the past, there have been tons of rumors about William cheating on Kate.

"In Touch Weekly" even did a whole spread on William having an alleged affair with neighbour, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury.

Thankfully, William didn't stand for those rumors.

He ended up seeking legal action to dismiss any of these claims that he had been unfaithful to Kate while she was pregnant with their youngest child, Prince Louis.

Whether Kate shot down her husband's advances or not, this much is true: it's *her* business.

Besides, there are more important things to worry about, like how Kate and William totally cheated during Mary's baking challenge!