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Kate Middleton Says Prince Louis' First Word Was All Thanks To 'The Great British Bake Off'

Here's something that we royally didn't see coming:

Kate Middleton just revealed that Prince Louis' first word was all thanks to The Great British Bake Off.

Earlier this month, Kate Middleton revealed that 1-year-old Prince Louis is already talking!

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The little prince is the youngest child to Kate and Prince William.

The royal couple also has Prince George, 6 and Princess Charlotte, 4.

Kate announced this huge milestone in her child's life while spending the day helping children pick out Christmas tress at Peterley Manor Farm.

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“You remind me of my little Louis," she said to a little boy at the event.

"He keeps saying, ‘Me, me, me.’ And he wants to come everywhere with me!”

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So adorable!

But that's not all the talking this little prince is doing.

The Duchess of Cambridge just revealed her son's actual first word and it's something no one saw coming.

"One of Louis' first words was 'Mary' because right at his height are all my cooking books in the kitchen bookshelf," Kate told the cookbook author herself.

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"And children are really fascinated by faces, and your faces are all over your cooking books," she continued.

"And he would say 'That's Mary Berry' he would definitely recognize you if he saw you today."

If Mary Berry doesn't ring a bell, she's a former judge from The Great British Bake Off.

The baker is a prevalent part of the royal couple's lives since she just filmed an upcoming BBC holiday special with them called "A Berry Royal Christmas."

In the special, which airs tonight (December 16), royal fans will get to see Berry work alongside William and Kate as they create some of her favorite holiday recipes.

She'll also get to step into the couple's world as they take her to some of the charities they work with.

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After all, charities are something near and dear to this couple's life.

“Growing up, both of my parents were hugely charitable," William told Berry.

"My father set up the Prince’s Trust. He’s involved in so many different organizations."

He even mentioned the amazing work done by his late mother, Princess Diana.

"My mother has done her work with homelessness and, as you said, AIDS and other charities, and I think I’ve grown up in a household which has been very much a case of ‘well, we’re very lucky — you must give back.’ ”

He continued:

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“And I personally get a lot out of helping people,” he continues. “I find that you hear and you understand and you learn so much more by giving a bit of your time, a bit of your day, to just be around.”

Recently, Berry spoke to "Mail on Sunday’s" "You" magazine about her time baking with the royal couple.

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“I was so impressed," she said. "They really are a pigeon couple,” she said, her statement referring to how pigeons mate for life.

“It was just lovely observing them for those three days. When they are together, he’s constantly touching her arm and looking over at her smiling and she’s the same with him."

“It was very sweet to see because it was so natural.”

At the end of the holiday special, fans will get to see a special party hosted by William and Kate.

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Keeping in theme with their charity work, the party is to celebrate the staff and volunteers who will be working to help others over Christmas.

She continued, adding that William praises his wife's accomplishments any chance he gets.

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“He was keen to stress to me how none of his mental health charities would be what they were without Catherine, who puts so much time, effort and care into making sure everything works well.”