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Man Spends Seven Nights Sleeping With Dog At Shelter To Help It Get Adopted

Scott Poore is one of those big-hearted people out there who just wants to save all the animals. Of course, it's just not possible, but that doesn't seem to stop him from trying.

Poore is the man behind Mission Driven, a clothing brand that is, of course, driven by a mission: to help out as many shelter pets as possible. Sometimes that's a matter of donating funds and resources to a shelter.

In some special circumstances, Poore has to go above and beyond to get animals the help they need.

Queen, a three-year-old terrier mix, was one of those dogs in particular need.

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Poore had visited with her at Great Plains SPCA every day for over year when he decided something more had to be done to get her adopted.

She had been in the shelter for more than 400 days without finding a home. "I just can't figure out why she's not getting adopted," Poore told KMBC.

The time in the shelter was taking a noticeable toll on Queen.

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"I can visibly see her giving up," Poore wrote in a Facebook post. "She used to get so excited when I would arrive and now she just lays in her bed and looks up at me. I sit in her room and all she does is look out of her window, in hopes to make eye contact with her hero. It's heartbreaking to see her lose hope."

Connecting Queen with a forever home was going to take something extra, so Poore came up with a plan.

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What the situation needed was a good publicity stunt, and Poore had just the thing in mind: he moved into the shelter.

The idea was for him to sleep there for as long as it took to get Queen a home.

True to his word, Poore did just that, curling up next to Queen on the floor of the Great Plains SPCA.

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And as cozy as that looks, Poore says it wasn't easy.

"Nothing is quiet in this buildling," he said. "She does not snore but I can hear other dogs in the building snoring."

Poore spent seven long nights in Queen's room.

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But finally, finally, a hero came through.

"I honestly did not know if I was going to be there 24 hours or a month but I was prepared to do either," he told Fox News.

However, he says that seven nights was plenty, "between all the animals barking and Queen every hour on the hour waking me up with her rope toy wanting to play."

In the end, Queen might have done more to get herself adopted than Poore did.

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Kansas father Tony Puluso said, "I could not believe she had been here as long as she had," he told KMBC. "She is a perfectly sweet dog and she just reminds me of a little stuffed animal. And I just immediately fell in love with her."

Poore says he's thankful for Queen's hero coming along, and not just because he doesn't have to sleep at the shelter anymore.

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"I just want to thank them for opening up their home and their hearts for such an incredible dog who deserves a long life in a loving home," he said. "I had the pleasure of meeting the father and the son and it's going to be a perfect home for them and Queen. It's a win-win for both sides."

Many have wondered why Poore didn't just take Queen home himself.

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But as he told Fox News, it's just not practical for him. "I can't adopt every animal that I help because then I will have 1,000 animals in my house," he said.

Again, that's not going to stop him from trying to help them all, however.

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