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Craftsman Builds An Adorable 'Stick Library' For The Local Dog Park

Are you ready for a dose of adorableness? Good, because have I got a cute story for you!

When a craftsman in New Zealand found himself with a dog that loves sticks and a new dog park that didn't have nearly enough for her to enjoy, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Andrew Taylor's dog, Bella, loves sticks.

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Balls and stuffed toys never survived her tough jaws.

When Andrew was trimming some dead branches from a tree and looking for ways to reuse them, he set them aside for doggo.

Meanwhile, a new dog park was opening in the neighborhood.

But when Andrew took Bella to check it out, there weren't many sticks to be found.

Andrew could have just taken the dead branches to the park as-is.

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The dogs wouldn't mind, but as we can see from the TikTok video shared by his daughter, Tayla Reece, he wasn't about to take the lazy route.

Being a crafty guy, Andrew turned it into a project.

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He found a nice wooden crate to use as a base and added an extra board to use as a sign.

"Stick Library" was chosen as a way to encourage people to return the sticks — and because it's super cute.

He trimmed the dead branches down to size.

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Besides making them fit into the box, it also makes them manageable for dogs of any size.

And then he even sanded down all the rough edges!

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While dogs may not mind a rough stick, their humans will definitely appreciate knowing their hands (and pooch's mouths) will be safe from splinters.

Tayla invited the neighbors to come try the library and about 50 people came to see it installed.

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And all the doggos seemed to really like it.

Everyone loved the simple idea and how well it was implemented.

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"All the dog owners appreciate it as they all have experienced the 'good stick search' which isn’t always fruitful, it’s an idea that just makes sense to them," Tayla said.

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