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Brodie The Rescue Dog's Crooked Face Just Makes Him Extra Cute And Special

Whenever I see adorable rescue dogs, I wish I could adopt them all. Sadly, my allergies severely limit which breeds I can share a space with and many rescues are unique little mutts who ooze adorableness and uniqueness and allergens.

So instead I support my local shelters and share amazing stories about rescued pooches so that maybe more people will be inclined to adopt a woofer in need.

Brodie is one special rescue dog.

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He's a 10-month-old border collie and shepherd mix with an obvious unique feature: his crooked face. He's also partially blind.

He was adopted recently by a family in Red Deer, Alberta after his former owner couldn't take care of him anymore.

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It's always sad when an owner has to give up their pet, for whatever the reason, but Brodie's story has a happy ending.

The family saw photos of him on a shelter's page and fell in love.

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When Brodie was just a puppy, his mom bit his face, which caused his wonky snoot.

He can only see through his bigger eye, but it doesn't slow him down.

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He plays and explores just like any other dog, and is learning to play nice with his new dog sister Rosie.

And like any young pup, he's still working on that obedience thing.

But how can you say no to a puppy that's just having so much fun? Once they've started, you may as well just let them splash. It's bath time either way.

He's also a champion at disemboweling stuffed toys.

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I give that pile of stuffing a 9/10. My own dog would say that it needs to be spread around more to make the clean-up more annoying for the humans.

His face is perfect for giving an epic side-eye.

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He doesn't seem to have any trouble eating, though he does drool a lot.

Which, if you don't drool, can you even call yourself a dog?

A lot of people might have skipped over Brodie, thinking that he looked weird or would be a lot of work to care for.

Instagram | @bestboybrodie

But his new family saw him for the unique goofball he is.

If you want to follow Brodie's journey, you can find him on Instagram @bestboybrodie.

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