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Bella Hadid Frees The Nipple In New Insta Pics

Spoiler alert — supermodel Bella Hadid is HOT A.F. and loves sharing her beauty with us, the peasants fans.

And that includes her 27 MILLION Instagram followers.

Instagram | @bellahadid

If you're not following princess Bella on Intsa, you're truly missing out.

You could be seeing stunning PJ (as in PRIVATE JET) pics like this one:

Instagram | @bellahadid

Or blonde Bella modeling with a cat???

Instagram | @bellahadid

We have questions but also we're living for it.

However, the 21-year-old supermodel's latest Insta pics have the fans cheering and praising their queen.

Which is saying a lot because everything she posts is FIRE!

Needless to say, WE STAN A BRALESS LEGEND!

Instagram | @bellahadid


"No bra, no problem!!!!" commented one fan.

Instagram | @bellahadid

"QUEEN OF FREE THE NIPPLE," said another.

"This is what I imagine the epitome of 2000s beach fashion was," one fan raved.

Instagram | @bellahadid

"Now this is modern renaissance art."

"When you're prettier than the ocean>>>>>>" praised another fan.

Instagram | @bellahadid

This is all true tea!


Instagram | @bellahadid

If only I looked this good in any type of clothing, lol.

Bras? They're canceled!

Send my regards to underwire and exxxtra-padding.

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