11+ Trends From 2019 We'll Probably End Up Regretting

Now that 2019 is coming to an end, it's a great idea to revisit some of the trends that came out earlier this year. By doing so, hopefully we can distinguish the good from the bad and therefore, put the bad behind us.

Here are some of the most ridiculous trends of the past year that I think should be totally forgotten. Let's hope you didn't fall prey to any of these.

1. FaceTune

Okay I guess it was a novelty when it came out, but when people started taking this tool to the extreme it was over. Natural beauty always wins.

2. Thick Eyebrows

First there were the extra skinny eyebrows then we turned to extra-thick eyebrows. What's the deal with that? Why not just keep your natural shape instead?

3. Feel Cute, Might Delete Later

Ebaum's World

OMG, how many times we've seen this caption? Too many if you ask me. That's why it became a meme. Now we're over it.

4. Gloomy Pop Music

You can thank Lana Del Ray or Billie Eilish for this resurrection of gloomy music. All I wanna do is feel happy and dance. Ha, ha.

6. Chunky Sneakers

I recently got into wearing sneakers. Before then I actually hated them, but I'm not into this type of sneaker at all. It's too cringe-worthy.

5. Tiny Purses

What's the point of having a purse if you can't actually fit anything in it? That's such a pet peeve of mine. This trend was just dumb.

7. Over-Sharing On Insta Stories

I dunno about you but I tend to keep at least some of my life private. So I don't need to see everything you do on Instagram stories!

8. The Dog Filter

It seems people can't get enough of the dog filter but as much as I love puppies I'm so over seeing this everywhere. What about you?

9. MLMs

It seems that every influencer is into some kind of an MLM (multi-level-marketing) scheme and they want us to get on board. No thanks. I'll pass.

10. Sherpa Jackets

I honestly don't know how this look started. I get it it's cozy and warm but I feel like it's just not flattering on anyone. Next!

11. Oversized T-Shirts

Speaking of VSCO girl style, these girls tend to wear long, oversized t-shirts with shorts so they looked like they had no pants. That's not a good look.

12. Crocs With Socks

I'm not a fan of crocs as it is. Wearing them with socks just defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

13. VSCO Girls

Laidback girls everywhere rejoiced when this trend came out. But it really didn't go anywhere. And it actually ended up pretty silly if you ask me.

So did you fall victim to any of these annoying so-called trends for 2019?

Fess up. If you did we'll forgive you if you promise that you have learned your lesson.

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