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Fans Are Praising Billie Eilish's Hair After She Debuts Natural Color

Billie Eilish ditched her outside-the-box hairstyle and debuted a much more natural-looking hair color in her latest music video and we are obsessed!

Over the last year or so, Billie Eilish has exhibited quite a few hair colors.

Outrageously bright-colored clothing and hair have always been apart of her style, and we've been here for it.

But yesterday, after Billie released her music video for “Xanny”, fans saw a side of her that they've never seen before.

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A softer, more natural look that we never expected to see.

Let's take a look at some of her most memorable hairstyles!

Her transformation from rose gold, to blue, to silver, to black, to highlighter green streaks to her latest, is really remarkable.

For this look, Billie complimented her rose gold locks with a gold necklace.

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Not to mention, she also has gold glitter freckles on cheeks, nose, and eyelids.

Then there was her silver phase.

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There even looks like there might be some purple hues in there as well!

This might be my favorite Billie-look of all time.

She bounced between several silver tones for months before going blue.

She captioned this photo, hilariously comparing her new do to "Nori" from Barbie Fairytopia.

Eventually, her dark blue locks washed out, fading into a pale-blue color.

She rocked this look for a while before going even darker blue, then back to pale blue again.

In keeping with her blue theme, she decided to try out this aqua-turquoise color.

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But in typical Billie fashion, this look didn't last long. She was on to the next within a couple of months.

Next, Billie decided to go dark.

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As per usual, however, this hair color didn't stick around for very long.

Before we knew it, she was experimenting with yet another style.

I won't lie. This next one came as a shock to many of us.

Billie's hair color choices have never been conventional, but this next one seemed to be the most over-the-top one yet!

She paired her highlighter green roots with a matching t-shirt and sunglasses.

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By this point, there is no hairstyle or color that Billie could try that could possibly shock us. She's conditioned us to expect the unexpected.

But against all odds, she did manage to shock us.

Instead of dying her hair something even more crazy, she did the very opposite.

She went back to her natural color.

Yesterday Billie released the music video for her song, "Xanny".

YouTube | Billie Eilish

The opening frames show her sitting on a couch wearing a simple cream-colored, knit, turtleneck sweater with matching pants — wildly different than her usual bold, bright, baggy ensembles.

And of course, fans LOVE it.

But the one thing fans can't seem to peel their eyes away from is her unassuming, chestnut brown bob.

YouTube | Billie Eilish

She paired her basic brunette do with a natural, rose-tone makeup look.

She is hardly recognizable. But like every other look we've seen on her, she is totally pulling this one off!

YouTube | Billie Eilish

Let us know what you think of Billie Eilish's new, natural hair color!