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Crocheted Baby Yoda Brings Our New Favorite 'Star Wars' Character To Life

Disney+ recently launched, and everyone's been having a whole lot of fun with it. People have been catching up on childhood classics, but there's also a new show that has people completely enamored.

It's called The Mandalorian, which is a spin-off of the Star Wars franchise set 5 years after Return of the Jedi, and while its focus is on the bountyhunter Dyn Jarren, there is one character that people cannot get over.

That character is Baby Yoda, if you're not familiar.

I haven't seen the show once and even I know who this lil smol cutie is!

But, he's not really a baby — he's a whopping 50 years old, which I guess is a baby in Yoda years.

Anyways, Baby Yoda makes for the perfect amigurumi, or knitted stuffed toy, to crochet.

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Crochet is cute. Baby Yoda is cute. Together, a crocheted Baby Yoda is undeniably powerful.

This pattern is brought to you by Etsy seller The Knotty Book.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to make the pattern at this moment as it seems to have been taken down. But keep your eyes peeled!

There are so many iterations of Baby Yoda crochet patterns to choose from on Etsy.

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People on Instagram keep tagging crochet extraordinaire Crafty Is Cool in their photos, but I can't seem to find Allison Hoffman's design anywhere!

Hers is super realistic looking!

A crocheted Baby Yoda is the perfect gift for everyone you know who has fallen in love with the miniature humanoid alien.

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Find this cute pattern from Etsy seller Yankee Rose.