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K-9 Officer Boomer Retires After 56 Dog Years With The National Park Service

After 56 (dog) years of loyal service with the U.S. National Parks, K-9 Officer Boomer is hanging up his uniform and venturing into the beautiful world of doggy retirement.

NPS recently made the announcement on Facebook and shared a photo of the very serious, but still very adorable Boomer.

Facebook | National Park Service

According to the now-viral post, the black lab has worked with the Chickasaw National Recreation Area since 2011 after he completed narcotics detection training.

Since then, he's been "instrumental" in sniffing out illegal drugs in both the park and his own community, as well as while on assignment to other National Park Service units.

During his time on the force, Boomer has received multiple certifications, including one from the American Police Canine Association.

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His favorite duties included performing demonstrations for local schools and community groups, as well as working alongside his fellow officers in local police departments.

So what does retirement look like for this very, very good doggo?

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Well, first he's going to spend the next few weeks getting his replacement, Rex, trained and up to speed on everything that goes into being a K-9 Officer.

Once he's made sure his community is well taken care of, Boomer will settle happily into retirement with his family where he will receive "as many belly rubs as he can guilt them into providing."

He also plans on chasing plenty of squirrels, and of course, continuing to be a very good boy.

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