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Oliver The Dog Looks Like A Teddy Bear Just Waiting To Be Cuddled

Some animal Instagram stars grow their followings slowly and steadily, but others smash onto the scene and steal everyone's hearts (and treats) right away.

Oliver is one of those sudden heartbreakers, having only joined Instagram in May 2019. Though he's only eight months old, he's already got almost 70,000 followers and that number just keeps on growing.

And it's obvious why:

Instagram | @oliverthedogx

He looks like a teddy bear!

Obviously, his haircut helps with the effect, but it wouldn't work without those shiny eyes and his perfect button nose.

Oliver is a "Spitzpoo", which is an unfortunate portmanteau.

Instagram | @oliverthedogx

It actually means that his parents were a German Spitz Klein and a Toy Poodle.

His adoptive parents are Steffen Finstad and Sofie Lund of Oslo, Norway.

They said that they were originally looking for a cockapoo, but fell in love with little Oliver.

Instagram | @oliverthedogx

Which I totally get. Sometimes the right pet just finds you.

Oliver's internet fame is just beginning.

Besides his Insta account, he's also begun starring in his own YouTube channel.

If you want to follow him, he's @oliverthedogx on Instagram and Oliverthedogx on YouTube.

h/t: Daily Mail

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