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Motorola Is Bringing Back The Razr Flip Phone With A New Foldable Screen

Usually where technology is concerned, we look more to the future rather than trying to re-invent the past. But apparently, looking back can pay off from time to time.

At least, it must happen often enough for Motorola to take some inspiration from their own past.

Remember flip phones?

When the world went full shingle on the smart phone, we gained an incredible amount of screen area, but we lost a super satisfying way to hang up on someone.

I wouldn't say that I miss flip phones, but I do miss that about flip phones. That, and the pocket space. Man, I could handle a phone that takes up half as much area in my pockets.

It's like Motorola knew we all secretly yearned to go back to the flip phone days — and in fact, they're banking on it.

They've brought back their popular Razr flip phones, but with a sweet, cutting-edge twist: the screen inside is foldable.

I know what you're thinking: wasn't that a huge disaster the last time someone tried it? Well, yes. The Samsung Galaxy Fold went through some significant growing pains after its initial launch, with screens breaking soon after user got their hands on them.

But of course, that hasn't held Motorola back; they're full-spead-ahead with the foldable flip phone.

And, honestly, the new Razr looks fascinating, and it promises to give you a true smart phone experience while still fitting inside your pockets, with the added bonus of nostalgia.

By all rights, it should feel like the old Razr, with exactly the same thickness.

However, it looks like you really have to want the Razr.

Early reviews suggest that its performance isn't up to speed with current tech, with much less battery life and a screen that doesn't have the same sharp quality as your standard smart phones.

And with a $1,500 price tag and only Verizon servicing it, the Razr could be a tough sell for a lot of people.

What do you think? Are you on board with the new Razr?