Terrified Rabbit Found Abandoned In Box Clings To His Stuffed Teddy Bear

Speaking as a devout dog momma, I can say it's definitely not uncommon for our four-legged friends to develop deep, emotional bonds with their stuffed animals. But I will, however, say that this is definitely the first time I've seen the same attachment formed between a rabbit and his teddy.

And honestly? I can barely handle the cuteness.

Nigel the rabbit has stolen hearts everywhere after he was pictured being rescued from a box, all the while clinging tight to his favorite stuffed bear for comfort.

Last week, a very good Samaritan noticed this fluffy little guy abandoned inside a box on the side of the road in London.

Unsplash | Colter Olmstead

According to The Dodo, he was found hopping around inside his makeshift containment with only a dingy grey teddy to keep him company.

The person contacted the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who quickly attended to the call and rescued the poor rabbit from the dangerous cold.

During the rescue, the rabbit, who was lovingly dubbed Nigel, couldn't bear to part with his beloved teddy.


He's so attached to the bear that he physically clung to it while he was taken out of the box.

"He looked so sweet hopping around carrying his little teddy bear," RSPCA animal collection officer Lisa Miller told The Dodo in a press release. "He's clearly quite attached to the bear, so he must have been living in a home before this."

Nigel was taken to a local vet where he was checked out and was found to be in perfect health, despite the cold conditions outside.


It's unclear how long he was left in that box, but Miller just said she's thankful he was O.K.

"No pet should be left out in the cold and vulnerable like this," she said. "Nigel was very lucky that he was found when he was."

Right now, Nigel is settling in comfortably at an animal boarding faculty in Kent.


Throughout the entire terrifying ordeal, Nigel has never been separated from his favorite teddy. In fact, that bear has acted as a sort of safety blanket to keep the little rabbit calm during the chaos of his rescue and subsequent re-homing.

According to his rescuers, Nigel will stay at the facility until he's ready to find his new forever home. And rest assured that wherever he ends up, his beloved bear will be going with him.

h/t: The Dodo

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